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The Brothers Landreth Live Session At That Pedal Show

Published 09 Oct 2022

Four Songs Played Live At The TPS Studio from Joey, Dave and Roman Clarke

Hello friends! Our wonderful friends The Brothers Landreth visited the studio during their 2022 European tour. We did a long show with them for a separate video including a deep dive into Joey's current pedalboard and tones, but the guys were also kind enough to also do a live session for us.
This video contains the four tracks they played. No talking, nothing else, just music - imagine that on a guitar gear channel!

The tracks are…
• ‘Drive All Night’ by The Brothers Landreth
© 2022 Birthday Cake Media Inc

• ‘Corduroy’ by The Brothers Landreth
© 2022 Birthday Cake Media Inc

• ‘Let It Lie’ by The Brothers Landreth
© 2015 Slate Creek Records

• ‘Two Trains’ by Lowell George
© 2021 Birthday Cake Media Inc,
Original © 1973 Warner Records Inc

It was a live session recorded and mixed by Mick, with MASSIVE thanks to Bros. sound engineer Ian Phillips in the set up and advice.

For more on The Brothers Landreth head to

Yes, Joey's guitar is a little out of tune in the first track. We talked about it and decided that it is what it is. Live!
Also, the intermittent signal issues on Joey's guitar are caused by a dying battery in a reverb pedal. It took us a minute to diagnose… but it's kinda cool, right?!

Enjoy the session!

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Interesting bits & go-to sections
0:00 Drive All Night
6:51 Corduroy
12:05 Let It Lie
16:24 Two Trains

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