It provides us with some income to help run That Pedal Show

It enables us to offer you periodic deals and offers as a small thanks for watching the shows. We like these guys! They offer a great range of products and provide superb service



Q. Can manufacturers or distributors (or anybody else) pay for products to be featured in That Pedal Show?

A. No. Never.

Q. How do Dan & Mick choose the products to be featured on That Pedal Show?

A. We feature whatever we like, whenever we like. Our choices are based on our own preferences, and also from feedback from our viewers. If enough people want to see something, we'll feature it! 

Q. Do you only feature products that your preferred retailers sell?

A. No, we feature all kinds of stuff: new, old, discontinued etc. However, our retailers get new product early, so if it's relevant for the show, they provide us with a great route to accessing the stuff that interests us most.

Q. Why these retailers, specifically?

A: They are people that we know and trust, and who we recommend to you for a great range of products and second-to-none service. They won’t stock everything we feature, but if they do, you’ll find links in our YouTube video descriptions and clickable cards in the videos themselves.

Q. Do you accept any sponsorship or product placement deals at all?

A. Never for guitars, amps or effects. We ONLY use the stuff we like. In fact we personally own a large percentage of the stuff we feature. People do lend us guitars and amps from time to time – we'll only use them if we like them!



When we started That Pedal Show we were lucky enough to have the support of Riff City Guitar in the USA as one of our 'Preferred Retail' partners.


Sadly, during the summer of 2019, Joe and his team decided to call it a day. This left us with a difficult decision. Do we find another US retail partner, or do we try something new?

In October 2019 we were approached by Sweetwater Music who invited us to join their 'invitation only' affiliate program. We did a bit of research and asked around. Sweetwater has been around since 1979, has a great reputation and stocks a wide range of gear. So, we thought we'd give it go.

Q. So what is an Affiliate Partner?

A. Affiliates are an everyday part of everyone's online world. It's just new to us.

The short version is that we can include links to products on Sweetwater's website for our US-based viewers. If any of our viewers choose to click on these links and buy something then we get a small percentage. It's that simple.

Q. Does this affect the gear you choose to use and demo?

A. Not at all. We have only ever - and will only ever - feature and use gear that we like and are interested in. Sweetwater won't sell everything that we feature, but if you're comfortable buying from them and you want to help support the show please use our links. No obligation. No funny business. We thought we should just explain it.

Q. So why do an affiliate link at all?

A. It's one of a number of revenue streams that help fund the making and production of the shows that does not require any commercial obligation to any brand. We do not accept paid product placement or reviews from any manufacturer.

Thanks for watching



Every single episode of That Pedal Show up to October 2016 was recorded on Mick's Zoom H6. We then switched to an F8.  We still use both of these recorders on location and recommend them unreservedly!

Mid 2017 we switched our studio recording setup to a Universal Audio Apollo 8P and Mac system. This affords us maximum flexibility and sonic performance and again we recommend Universal Audio gear unreservedly.