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Dedicated to anyone and everyone with an interest in great guitar sounds


Our main focus is effects pedals, but that also means a lot of talk about amps, guitars and everything else that goes into making fantastic tones.

​You can expect demos and comparisons of new and not-so-new gear, all with plenty of comment and opinion.

Dan and Mick started That Pedal Show because we're nuts about great guitar sounds. In order to do it exactly how we want to do it with no commercial obligations, we don't accept payment, sponsorship or product placement deals from guitar gear companies. We never have and we never will.


We only feature the stuff we like. If you want to know more about where our gear comes from please see HERE.


So, to help us fund making the show, we sell T-shirts, merch and limited runs of TPS-edition effects pedals on That Pedal Show Store. 

We are also members of Patreon.

And you can find our shows here: YouTube

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Mick Taylor

​Former editor-in-chief of Guitarist magazine, having spent almost 20 years to date as a guitar journalist, commentator and creative professional. Mick has played in bands since before he was born. Or at least it feels like it.

Daniel Steinhardt

​Boss man at TheGigRig, a company dedicated to helping guitarists and bass players achieve constant inspiration from their tones. Daniel has also been a professional guitar player since he was about, ooh, eight.


Rosie - That Pedal Dog

Rosie is That Pedal Dog and spends most days at TPS HQ reminding us NOT to leave cable ties, plectrums and pedalboard tape on the floor! 

A 'Sprocker' spaniel (part Cocker, part Springer) she is awesome at eating anything not nailed down or tidied away. She's also brilliant at tail wagging, lunchtime walks and sitting on your lap.


She loves Dan the most.

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