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Dan and Mick started That Pedal Show because we're nuts about great guitar sounds. In order to do it exactly how we want to do it with no commercial obligations, we don't accept payment, sponsorship or product placement deals from any guitar gear companies.

We only feature the stuff we like, when we like.

To help us fund making the show – covering production and editing costs, video/lighting equipment upgrades and so on – we have joined Patreon. 

Patreon is a simple way for people to support That Pedal Show with a minimal monthly subscription. We've done a short video to explain more.


We also sell T-shirts and limited runs of TPS-Edition effects pedals and stuff - you can find That Pedal Show Store HERE.

If you'd like to support That Pedal Show please go to our Patreon page and become one of our Patrons.

Thanks for watching!

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