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The Wonderful World Of Whammy & Pitch Shifting [A Very Basic Intro]

Published 24 Mar 2023

Epic Stereo Chorus For Guitar [Not Just For The ’80s!]

Published 17 Mar 2023

The Ultimate Do-It-All Overdrive? Poly Flat V, Kernom Ridge, CB Automatone Preamp MkII

Published 10 Mar 2023

Can I Plug My Guitar Into That? [Or How To Rock Without An Amp]

Published 03 Mar 2023

David Rainger Blows Our Tiny Minds [Guitar FX Pedals For The Truly Adventurous!]

Published 24 Feb 2023

Pete Thorn At TPS! [Current Pedalboard, Suhr Sig & More]

Published 17 Feb 2023

Old New Borrowed Blue Wedding Gig Rig Challenge - Dan Vs Mick

Published 10 Feb 2023

Mick’s Gibson ES-335 Gets New Pickups & Loom [Hardest Pickup Swap Ever?]

Published 03 Feb 2023

Les Paul Vs SG [Four Awesome Guitars, Four Classic Amps]

Published 27 Jan 2023

Origin M-EQ Driver, Oto Machines Bim, Dreadbox Lethargy, Goliath MkII Fuzz [New Pedal Day]

Published 20 Jan 2023

Strymon El Capistan dTape V2 vs V1 vs Roland RE-201 & Fender Space Delay

Published 13 Jan 2023

One Guitar, One Amp, No Pedals Challenge – Dan Vs Mick

Published 06 Jan 2023

Best Spring Reverb Pedals? [Surfy Bear, White Whale, Light Pedal, Headroom, Ana Sounds]

Published 30 Dec 2022

That Pedal Show 2022 In Review – Our Favourite Things Of The Year

Published 23 Dec 2022

Because The World Needs Another Tube Screamer Video [Is Mick’s TS808 Still King?]

Published 16 Dec 2022

New Pedal Day [Maestro Agena, Mythos Cestus, Aclam Woman Tone, TC Bucket Brigade]

Published 13 Dec 2022

Marshall 1987x – 5 Things You Asked Us To Try [Y-Cable, Low Inputs, Cranked, Boost & Wet-Dry JTM45]

Published 09 Dec 2022

Phil Manzanera Roxy Music Pedalboard Build & Rig Tour

Published 06 Dec 2022

Different Approaches To Boost [Underdrive, EQ & Two Amps!]

Published 02 Dec 2022

New Pedal Day [Kernom Ridge, Geckoplex EP-5, Dreadbox Darkness, Boss SL-2 Slicer]

Published 29 Nov 2022

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