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Universal Audio Lion, Woodrow & Ruby With Tore Mogensen [Forget Direct - Do We Love 'Em Loud?]

Published 7 June 2024

Dan & Mick's Latest Rigs For Gigs [Pedalboards, Amps & Guitars]

Published 31 May 2024

Get More From Your EHX Big Muff Fuzz-Distortion Pedal [Massive Wall Of Noise & More!]

Published 24 May 2024

A Practical Discussion Of Guitar Tones In Church with Darlene Zschech and David Holmes

Published 21 May 2024

Chris Benson Of Benson Amps & Pedals At TPS! [Preamps, Fuzzes, Delay, Surf's Up & Florist]

Published 17 May 2024

Robben Ford & His Dumble Overdrive Special [He Plays It, We Play It!]

Published 10 May 2024

Get More From Your Tube Screamer Overdrive Pedal [Solo Boost, Harmonic Feedback & More!]

Published 3 May 2024

Robben Ford At TPS! [New Pedalboard, Little Walter Amp, Playing Tips & More]

Published 26 April 2024

We Visit AMS Neve [And Go Through The Basics Of Recording A Great Guitar Tone]

Published 12 April 2024

Digitech Whammy Ricochet & EHX Pico Pitchfork [Effector Du Jour]

Published 9 April 2024

In Conversation With Adam Levy [Electric & Acoustic Guitar Mastery]

Published 5 April 2024

Crazy Tube Circuits Hi Power [Hiwatt In A Pedal? - Effector Du Jour]

Published 2 April 2024

Matchless C30 & Mesa Cali Tweed Guitar Amps – Preamp, Power & Speakers Mash Up

Published 29 Mar 2024

Sutton Instruments Del Fuego Fuzz & Boost [Effector Du Jour]

Published 26 Mar 2024

Beyond The MXR Dyna Comp & Boss CS-3 Compressor [J Rockett Airchild, UA LA-2A, 1176 & Origin Cali76]

Published 22 Mar 2024

Crowther Audio Hot Cake & Reeves Electro Hot Take [Effector Du Jour]

Published 19 Mar 2024

Preamp, Power Amp Or Speakers – What's Really Making The Difference In Your Guitar Amp?

Published 15 Mar 2024

UAFX Flow Vintage Tremolo & Jam Pedals Harmonious Monk [Effector Du Jour]

Published 12 Mar 2024

Awesome Reverb Pedals For Guitar [Meris Mercury X, Poly Verbs, Boss RV-200 & EHX Oceans 3-Verb]

Published 08 Mar 2024

Wampler Tumnus Germanium & J Rockett The Jeff [Effector Du Jour]

Published 05 Mar 2024

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