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Forget Overdrive! What About A Wonderful Clean Tone?

Published 14 Jan 2022

We Build A Fuzz Face With Markus Reeves [Germanium & Silicon]

Published 7 Jan 2022

Time To Hear It! Dan's Acoustic Guitar Build Part 5/5 With Jonny Kinkead

Published 4 Jan 2022

Boss Metal Zone Vs Dad-Rock Boomer-Benders [And ODR-1, RAT, Archer & Muffuletta]

Published 17 Dec 2021

How To Set Your Amp For Pedals [Gain, EQ, Volume & FX Loops]

Published 10 Dec 2021

Boss Super Overdrive Or Ibanez Tube Screamer? [In Your Band]

Published 3 Dec 2021

How To Use Echo & Delay Sounds On Guitar [In Your Band]

Published 26 Nov 2021

Ditch The Guitar Amp? Direct Options For Your Pedalboard [Iridium, Simplifier, Iconoclast]

Published 19 Nov 2021

OctaFuzz Jams [SM Fuzz Octave Fuzz, Mythos Argo plus Bass & Drums]

Published 17 Nov 2021

Building A Pedalboard For Paul Davids [The Most Complex I've Ever Done?]

Published 12 Nov 2021

How To Set Your Overdrive & Distortion Pedals [In A Band]

Published 5 Nov 2021

You Should Run Two Guitar Amps! [But Make One Dirty]

Published 29 Oct 2021

You're Using Your Boss DS-1 All Wrong! [No Really, You Are]

Published 22 Oct 2021

Do I Need A Buffer & Where Do I Put It On My Pedalboard?

Published 15 Oct 2021

What About The Nobels ODR-1? [vs TS9 & BD-2w into AC15 & Deluxe Reverb]

Published 8 Oct 2021

What Guitar Amp After The Fender Hot Rod Deluxe?

Published 1 Oct 2021

Turn Your Delay Pedal Into A Chorus Or Flanger

Published 24 Sept 2021

Keep It Simple: Better Guitar Tones With No Pedals?

Published 17 Sept 2021

Why Do I Need A Reverb Pedal When My Amp Already Has Reverb?

Published 10 Sept 2021

Why Choose An Analog Delay Pedal? [Suhr Discovery, J Rockett Clockwork, Mythos Oracle & Memory Man]

Published 3 Sept 2021