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Phil Manzanera Roxy Music Pedalboard Build & Rig Tour

Published 06 Dec 2022

Different Approaches To Boost [Underdrive, EQ & Two Amps!]

Published 02 Dec 2022

New Pedal Day [Kernom Ridge, Geckoplex EP-5, Dreadbox Darkness, Boss SL-2 Slicer]

Published 29 Nov 2022

Dan Vs Mick – Three Course Meal Pedalboard Challenge [Starter, Main Course & Desert?]

Published 25 Nov 2022

New Pedal Day [Origin Halcyon, Maestro Orbit, Latent Lemon Hurts, MAS Expanse]

Published 22 Nov 2022

Marshall JTM45 vs 50-Watt Plexi Guitar Amps [2245 or 1987x – Which Would You Choose?]

Published 18 Nov 2022

New Pedal Day [TC SCF Gold, GEE Design-A-Drive, BCC Difference Engine, Empress Para EQ MkII DLX]

Published 11 Nov 2022

Aynsley Lister Band Live Session At That Pedal Show

Published 08 Nov 2022

Huge Crazy Reverb For Guitar [What, Why & Understanding It So You Can Actually Use It]

Published 04 Nov 2022

New Pedal Day [Victory V1, EQD Special Cranker, Fender Space Delay, Empress Comp MkII]

Published 01 Nov 2022

Distortion! Boss DS-1 Waza vs Vintage DS-1 vs Standard DS-1 [Vs JHS Angry Charlie & JAM Rattler]

Published 28 Oct 2022

Effect Pedal Patch Leads – Soldered, Solderless And Everything In Between

Published 25 Oct 2022

Paul Reed Smith Storms TPS! [New PRS Pedals, SE Silver Sky, HDRX 20 & more]

Published 21 Oct 2022

New Pedal Day [NPD: SurfyBear, Reeves, Crazy Tube Circuits, Catalinbread & Cornerstone]

Published 14 Oct 2022

The Brothers Landreth At TPS [Director’s Cut Full Length Version]

Published 09 Oct 2022

The Brothers Landreth Live Session At That Pedal Show

Published 09 Oct 2022

Player-Grade Vintage Guitar: Dan's 1965 Fender Telecaster [Want a Custom Shop? Watch This First!]

Published 07 Oct 2022

Shawn Tubbs Visits TPS [Awesome Pedalboard, Session Playing Insight & More!]

Published 30 Sep 2022

A Modern History Of Classic Fuzz [Or A Weirdy-Beardy Noise-Fest]

Published 23 Sep 2022

Overdrive, Distortion & Boost Pedal Order Once & For All [You’re Asking The Wrong Question]

Published 16 Sep 2022