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Dave Kilminster Pedalboard Build & Interview [On Stage For Roger Waters]

Published 22 Sep 2023

Simon McBride – Playing With Deep Purple, Awesome New Pedalboard, Engl Amp & More!

Published 15 Sep 2023

Mike Vennart Visits TPS! [Oceansize, Biffy Clyro, ESB & Massive Fuzz Tones]

Published 08 Sep 2023

Unsung Overdrive Pedals That We Love [Lovepedal, Analogman, Barber, J Rockett, Boss, Z-Vex]

Published 01 Sep 2023

Your Suggestions For Taming The Fender Hot Rod Deluxe [Input 2, Dr Watson, Tube Changes & More!]

Published 25 Aug 2023

More Pedal Faves Revisited! [We ARE Still In Love With These]

Published 18 Aug 2023

The Perfect Stratocaster Trem / Vibrato Setup [Floating, Flat Or Blocked?]

Published 11 Aug 2023

JAM Pedals At That Pedal Show [Jannis Interview, Band Jams & Solo Performance]

Published 04 Aug 2023

Old Fave Pedals Revisited [Are We Still Fizzy About These Tones?]

Published 28 Jul 2023

The 9 Nation Guitar Rig Challenge [All Your Gear From One Country?]

Published 21 Jul 2023

Tame The Fender Hot Rod Deluxe! [Or Any Loud Clean Guitar Amp With An FX Loop]

Published 14 Jul 2023

The Guitar Pedal Bingo Challenge - Dan Vs Mick [3 Random Pedals – Who Makes The Most Of It?]

Published 07 Jul 2023

Best Ever Analogue Delay? [Boss DM-101, Carbon Copy, Suhr Discovery plus DD-200 & TimeLine]

Published 30 Jun 2023

More Is More! 8 Cool Boost Pedals [And Some Ideas For Using Them]

Published 23 Jun 2023

Play Funk Guitar [Dialling In Tones, Great Chords To Use, Rhythm & FUN!]

Published 16 Jun 2023

The Noel Gallagher Guitars & Gear Interview

Published 07 Jun 2023

A Hang With Rabea [Strats, Pedalboard Update, Music Man, Neural, Real Amps, Stormzy & More!]

Published 02 Jun 2023

Dan Chooses A New Amp For His Wet-Dry Rig [JTM45 Vs Tweed Bassman Vs Sovtek MIG-50]

Published 30 May 2023

Amazing Chord-Melody Guitar Playing & Tone With Tim Lerch

Published 19 May 2023

Coronation Pickin’ Challenge [Or 6 Ways To Achieve Ruling Tone, Dan Vs Mick]

Published 05 May 2023

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