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JAM Pedals Dynassor & ’70s MXR Dyna Comp [Effector Du Jour]

Published 27 Feb 2024

How To Use Two Guitar Amps Together [Connections, Phase, Polarity & Why Analog Dry-Through Matters]

Published 23 Feb 2024

UAFX Orion Tape Delay [And Fulltone TTE - Effector Du Jour]

Published 20 Feb 2024

Using Overdrive Pedals In Parallel For Fantastic Guitar Tones [Instead Of ‘Normal’ Series]

Published 16 Feb 2024

Boss BP-1W – Boss Of The Boosts? [Plus EP Boost For Context: Effector Du Jour]

Published 13 Feb 2024

Dan's Pedalboard For 2024 [All The Toys, But Which Ones To Choose?]

Published 09 Feb 2024

Big Or Small Hendrix Fuzz Face? [JHF1 & FFM3 – Effector Du Jour]

Published 06 Feb 2024

What About The SD9 Sonic Distortion? [Ibanez, Maxon/Analogman, Vemuram Butter Machine & TWA SH9]

Published 02 Feb 2024

Mick's Gibson ES-345 [In Defence Of The Varitone & Stereo Output]

Published 26 Jan 2024

10 Awesome Guitar Fuzz Pedals [Cornish, JAM, OKKO, EHX, Reeves, Cunningham & more!]

Published 19 Jan 2024

New Year, New Pedalboard? [Mick Goes Back To ‘Basics’]

Published 12 Jan 2024

Mikey Demus Of Skindred Visits TPS [Manson Guitars, Redbeard Effects, Left-Handedness & More!]

Published 05 Jan 2024

Our Fave Things Of 2023 [Most Used? Didn’t Work Out? Biggest Surprise? And more!]

Published 29 Dec 2023

Amazing Guitar Guests Of 2023 [Noel Gallagher, Johnny Marr & Many, Many More!]

Published 22 Dec 2023

Jack Griffiths Pedalboard Build [Monster Analog & Digital Board PLUS UA Lion!]

Published 15 Dec 2023

12 Pedals In 12 Minutes [And 12 Guitars! Just For Fun]

Published 14 Dec 2023

Not A Notaklön [Dan's DIY Approach To The Klon Centaur]

Published 08 Dec 2023

Jocelyn Gould Talks Jazz Guitar Playing & Tone [Plus Benedetto & Two-Rock Tonal Bliss!]

Published 01 Dec 2023

Would You Run Your Overdrives & Boosts Like This? [Three Gain Stages & The Truth]

Published 23 Nov 2023

Is The T-Rex Binson Echorec Too Noisy? [Mick Tries Guitar 'Pedals' As Studio Outboard]

Published 21 Nov 2023

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