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We never want anybody feeling coerced into buying something because Dan gave a cheeky boyish grin or Mick actually played something semi musical for a change.
The text below explains what we do, why we do it, and where all the TPS gear comes from. We also share detailed information for anyone wishing to send us gear so it's clear to everyone. It's been this way since day one of TPS.
Wishing you all happy tones!


Daniel & Mick


We are not interested in any kind of objectivity or in doing 'reviews'. Everything here is pure subjective opinion around how to find inspiration in guitar sounds and music.

As a result, the gear we use on TPS is a mixture of stuff we owned before the show existed, stuff we've bought at either full or artist/trade prices, and stuff we've been loaned or gifted from manufacturers. 

We have never accepted money, gear or anything else in return for making a video. Ever.

If you want to know more, read on…

We started That Pedal Show because we're nuts about great guitar sounds and playing.

In order to do it exactly how we want to do it with no commercial obligations, we decided from day one that we would never accept any monetary payment or free gear in return for making videos. We will not make videos 'for' anyone, and nor would we accept any sponsorship or product placement deals from any guitar gear companies. And we never have.


Editorial and commercial freedom is vital to us personally and to the TPS community.

It means we only ever feature the stuff we want to, whenever we want to. 

Nobody has ever, or will ever pay us money or give us free stuff in exchange for making a video.

In addition, we have never – and this bit is important – made any claims whatsoever to objectivity and/or 'reviewing' gear. We have always said that guitar gear preferences are always purely subjective and opinion-based, which is how we deliver the shows week-in, week-out. What you see and hear on the show are our personal opinions and nothing more. TPS's philosophy has always been 'there are no answers only better questions' and 'there is no best gear – only what you like, and what you like less'.

You should also know that after having worked in and around the guitar industry for many years, we have a great many friends in the guitar gear market. Most of them know what we're about and value our feedback. Again, you may feel that this has an impact on our subjective opinions of gear. It probably does! We'll just say it again: we have never made any claims to objectivity or 'reviewing' gear. It's just two personal opinions.

As the channel has grown, many manufacturers send us gear that they do not expect to be returned: ostensibly 'free' - especially amps and pedals - and in addition to that we can usually buy stuff that we want at artist and trade discounts. However, we never accept free or discounted gear on the basis that we will make a video to promote that gear. We do not make videos for money or gear.


Further we would never sell something that we’d been given. It’s always been understood as 'use it or return it'. 


So for the sake of transparency, if we are featuring a new product and we don't say specifically in the video, please assume it’s been provided free by a manufacturer, or we have bought it at a significant discount, should that change your opinion of our opinions! 


We will also often buy gear at full price when we want something specific that we don't already have, in order to demonstrate a concept.

If it’s a new guitar or other key product, we will endeavour to say in the video where it came from. We didn't do this on some older videos, but if you're unsure, either assume it was bought at a discount or it's on long-term loan or gifted, just to be on the safe side. 


If we have an artist on, clearly they will have received some of their gear either free or at artist prices. 


In addition to that, we also trade and buy stuff used on Reverb and eBay like everybody else, and indeed new stuff that isn’t discounted. We’ve been doing that ever since we started playing, long, long before YouTube and making videos was even a thing, so often what we feature will be from our personal gear stashes and may not actually be available anymore. 


You can decide for yourselves whether you think we favour a particular piece of gear because we got it free or at a significant discount. We hope that after watching a few videos, it will become obvious that neither of us has the capacity for that, and that the point of That Pedal Show really isn't to market people's gear for them, even though we are hyper aware that TPS does drive sales. Whatever effect the show has, we love what we love, and nothing else. 


So if you’re watching That Pedal Show, you’re already smart enough to know that gear companies want their stuff to appear on channels like ours, and that they send stuff - especially pedals - for free for us to hopefully feature. They want the exposure and the value it brings to their brands.


We never agree that we will feature something - it’s always try it first and see if it fits into something we’re doing. 

Our motivation is purely and simply an obsession with guitar tone that we want to share with you, so that you can understand your gear more and feel inspired to play. 


If you do feel inspired to buy something as a result of watching TPS we also think you’re smart enough to do your research, cross reference with other media sources and not just buy it because a couple of goons on YouTube really loved it. 


Even if we do really, really love it.

Thanks for reading this.



  • Always contact us BEFORE sending stuff.
  • Sending us stuff does not guarantee it will appear on a show.
  • We never accept money, gear, sponsorship or product placement deals from any guitar gear companies - ever - so please do not contact us to ask 'how much' to feature your gear - the email will just get deleted.
  • We are always happy to pay for gear.
  • If you do send us stuff you will need to pay for the shipping costs (both ways) and any import/VAT charges.
  • You can have the stuff collected, or leave it with us - we're happy either way.
  • We will never sell anything we get sent on loan/longterm or otherwise.


  • TPS does not charge anybody to have gear featured on the show: we never have and we never will - this keeps us editorially independent and able to focus on gear that we're interested in without any commercial obligations.
  • We never accept free gear in return for making a video.
  • Please do not contact us to ask 'how much' to feature your gear, the email will just get deleted.
  • The show is based primarily around concepts and learning not straight gear reviews.
  • We choose and use gear that we feel best demonstrates those concepts.
  • We can't guarantee that anything we get sent will appear in a show.
  • Likewise, we can't guarantee that we'll be able to try every piece of gear that we get sent.
  • If you're looking for any feedback/ideas/suggestions about your product, especially any prototypes then you will need to discuss this up front when you first get in touch.


  • When sending stuff from outside of the UK, please note that there will be Import Duty and 20 per cent VAT added to the consignment value when it arrives with us. It would be extremely helpful if this was PREPAID via your courier.
  • Marking the consignment as ‘samples for review not resale' and 'no commercial value' with a cost price value can help lower charges. No doubt you will have your own proven methods if you’re regularly sending stuff to magazines and whatnot.
  • PLEASE NOTE: If you send stuff unsolicited and we get an invoice from a courier company, or a customs/duty bill, we will refuse the delivery.


  • When you email us about sending gear please make it clear if you have any time constraints.
  • Just let us know when you would like to collect and we’ll have it packed up and ready to go.
  • We require you to cover collection and shipping charges and also whatever import duties/VAT were charged to That Pedal Show on receipt with us, unless otherwise discussed and agreed in advance.


Some people choose to leave stuff with us indefinitely whereupon it faces a number of possible futures…​

  • It joins the TPS 'house' gear. We hold a core selection of gear at TPS that gets featured on the show whenever appropriate. This selection of stuff changes over time. Hopefully it goes without saying that we will never sell or trade any of your stuff! (Apparently this actually happens out there…)
  • A TPS Giveaway. We will publicise these including announcing winners on the show. Any giveaways will be discussed in advance to gain your explicit permission to do so. Please be aware we won't give away anything away that hasn't been featured on the show.
  • With your blessing, we will pass gear on to artists, associates and notables, but only with your explicit blessing.


We appreciate your support for the way we do things. Our apologies if any of the above sounds a bit blunt but we need to be absolutely clear in the interests of disclosure and transparency for our audience. That Pedal Show has an ever growing and loyal audience, partly because we have no obligation – commercial or otherwise – to manufacturers. Our goal has always been to inform, entertain and inspire our fellow guitar nuts to play more, sound better and feel great. That’s why we all did this thing in the first place, right? If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to get in touch: Cheers! Mick & Dan