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That Pedal Show – Behind The Scenes: How Do We Make TPS?

Published on Aug 24, 2017

To celebrate the incredible milestone of reaching 100,000 subscribers on YouTube, we put together this video explaining how That Pedal Show comes together, plus a little bit of background stuff on our motivation and hopes.
We talk about filming, audio production, editing… it's a run through all that background shizzle so that you can see what goes on.
The show you see each week has a team of four behind it: Mick & Dan, Simon who does the filming and editing, and Katherine (Mick’s wife) who takes care of all the TPS Store stuff and our finances.
It’s a tremendous amount of work and we’re exceptionally lucky to have such awesome people helping us.

More than anything, we're lucky, grateful and immensely proud to have YOU LOT! Kind, like-minded guitar players who watch the shows, contribute to Patroen, buy T-shirts and pedals and, of course, watch the shows. A MASSIVE THANK YOU TO EACH AND EVERY ONE OF YOU!
Huge thanks also goes to our exclusive preferred retailers: Andertons and Pedal Empire – links below.

So thanks again for watching – here's to the next 100k!

PLEASE NOTE: When we go through the audio process, we’re talking about basic principles and processes, not necessarily demonstrating the finished product.

Thank you for watching so far, and long may it continue.
Enjoy the video…

Our audio recording gear as at July 2017
• Sennheiser e906 mics for amps
UK & Europe:

• Rode NTG-2 shotgun for voices
UK & Europe:

• Rode NT4 for LR X-Y in the room
UK & Europe:

• Zoom H6 & F8
UK & Europe:

• Apple Logic

As at August/Sept 2017 (for example Harmonic Tremolo with Joey Landreth episode)
• The Zoom recorders are making way for…
• Universal Audio Apollo 8P into Mac laptop running UAD plugins

Interesting bits and go-to sections…
- Welcome! :00:00
- How did TPS start? 0:43
- How do we choose topics? 1:45
- A typical TPS day: 3:44
- The pedalboards for filming? 5:22
- Lighting: 6:15
- Cameras: (Canon C100 MkII x 2, GoPro Hero 5 Black x 1) 6:40
- Mics and recorders: 8:55
- The audio production process: 11:33
- Voice mic vs amp mics - what’s going on? 15:13 VERY LOUD – BE CAREFUL
- How much do you EQ? 17:40
- What about the room mics? 20:03
- The change to Universal Audio recording gear: 21:36
- Video editing process – hello Simon! 22:35
- Adobe Premiere & editing: 24:28
- But don’t you have day jobs? 27:35
- The future for TPS? 29:08

We hope you enjoy this video. Please subscribe to our channel.

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