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Recording Drums: Dans EP Challenge Episode 2

Published 31 Mar 2020

I'm recording some music over series of vlogs – in this episode I get some help with recording drums.

Hello and welcome to my vlog!
I cannot program drums to save myself, so I've procured a drummer, the finest tub thumper in yonder kingdom, Tubbs McGee (AKA Dougie Mussard) be thy name, to record drums for this project.

I'm also introducing Fraser who helps with audio production at That Pedal Show. He's too handsome to have on camera normally, and I just make him look awesome! Fraser kindly offered to produce this little excursion into artistic endeavours, skirting around the edges of actual music. He takes us through his drum recording process. I promise you it's not nearly as dull as you think it might be.
Sure, it's not me and Mick wailing away on an epic wet-dry rig, but I can attest to it being mildly interesting //and// you get to meet Fraser. Awesome!

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