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Real Vintage Fenders or our Reissues? Oh dear…

Published on 25 Sep 2015

WARNING: this video contains gratuitous vintage guitar tomfoolery and completely illogical fascination with old bits of wood when we really should know better... and there's not that much about pedals.

Plus, if you don't like Fender Strats and Teles, look away now. There is a Two-Rock Studio Pro 35, Analogman King Of Tone, Kingsley Jester and Analogman ARDX20 featured, however.

For anybody still tuned in, Daniel and Mick had the opportunity to go and visit Pete Lewis of Lewis Guitar Works who, as it turns out, had assembled some of his own vintage Fenders, alongside some from friends. We asked if we could take some cameras because...

Daniel and Mick both play reissue, vintage-style Fender guitars and they generate plenty of questions in That Pedal Show videos. So, how about we play some genuine oldies alongside our fave axes and see what's what?

Many of the guitars featured are not absolutely original, pristine examples. You'll find refinishes, new parts and all the other stuff that goes along with playable old guitars, so please don't be telling us that such and such isn't such and such because it doesn't have such and such!

The guitars are:
1959 Fender Esquire
1964 Fender Telecaster
1957 alder body Fender Stratocaster
1961 ash body Fender Stratocaster
1961 alder body Fender Stratocaster
Um, and a couple of reissues – Mick's American Vintage ’62 Stratocaster and Dan's Custom Shop ’63 Telecaster.

They're all played through the Two-Rock Studio Pro 35 head into a custom 1x12 Zilla cab with Celestion G12H-75 Creamback speaker.
TheGigRig G2 handles the pedals and amp effortlessly, as always.

Daniel is now completely in love with the rosewood board ’64 Tele, and Mick just wishes he'd never played any of them. Happy days!
Massive thanks to Pete and Lewis Guitar Works for making this all possible!

Enjoy this video and we'll get back to some more serious pedal stuff next week!

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You can find them on Facebook too.
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