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Phil Manzanera Roxy Music Pedalboard Build & Rig Tour

Published 06 Dec 2022

Dan here, hello!
I was asked to build Phil Manzanera's pedalboard for Roxy Music's 50th anniversary tour. Here's how the rig came together with a chat to the man himself…

Interesting bits and go-to sections
0:00 Meet Phil
0:43 Meet Lucas
1:13 How Red got its massive ding
1:40 How the stage/remote system works
3:14 Peek under to bridge
3:50 How Lucas met Phil
6:15 Phil’s rig in the wild
6:38 What’s in the rack?
7:30 Phil’s custom Cornell amps
8:30 UA OX Box
10:43 Grossman Iso Cab
11:10 And here are the guitars
11:20 Phil’s 1963 Firebird
12:12 50s refin Tele
12:42 Custom Shop Les Paul
13:07 The Mothership
16:20 Hi Phil!
19:45 Firebird glory
20:45 Thanks Phil

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