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JHS Colour Box Preamp: what's it for?

Published on 2 Oct 2015

Daniel and Mick get to grips with the Neve-inspired Colour Box Preamp from JHS. It looks like a pedal, it smells like a pedal, it tastes like a pedal. But does it sound like a pedal. Well, kinda...

The Colour Box's 100 per cent analogue circuitry seeks to bring the sound of a classic Neve console to a pedal. Use it as a direct recording preamp for guitar, bass, vocals or... well, anything you like, really. you can also use it to overdrive an amp for a very different take on gain make-up and overdrive. Clean sounds? Oh yes!

Daniel is playing his Fender Custom Shop 63 Telecaster and Mick is playing his Collings 290 DC S and Fender American Vintage ’62 Stratocaster. Amps used are a Hamstead Artist 20 and an AER Compact 60 3.

As ever TheGigRig G2 is handling all the switching and routing effortlessly.

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