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Distortion! Boss DS-1 Waza vs Vintage DS-1 vs Standard DS-1 [Vs JHS Angry Charlie & JAM Rattler]

Published 28 Oct 2022

It’s a distortion pedal legend – so what happens when Boss gives it the Waza treatment?

Welcome to the show! For those of us who are old enough to remember…
We know what it was like to plug in that distortion pedal for the first time and feel like every problem you could ever have dreamed of having… had simply vanished. Lost in a vicarious haze of stadium-conquering, spandex-clad, fist-pumping, pheromone producing, guitar-face-gurning bliss, that diminutive disher of dirt put the shreddie in your Eddie and why in your Vai. By way of which GCSE Creative Writing introduction brings us to the venerable Professor Of Distortion: the Boss DS-1.
That was then, this is now, and in between there was some other stuff. Let us rock like men in middle age do. Born to be mild? Maybe…
Enjoy the show!

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Pedals and stuff in today’s video
• Custom pedalboard by Alder & Ash

• TheGigRig Three2One

• Sonic Research ST-200 Turbo Tuner

• 1980 Boss DS-1 Distortion
No longer available, try

• Boss DS-1 Distortion
UK & Europe:

• Boss DS-1w Waza Craft Distortion
UK & Europe:

• PRS Wind Through The Trees Dual Analog Flanger
UK & Europe:

• Keeley Halo Andy Timmons Dual Echo
UK & Europe:

• Universal Audio Golden Reverberator
UK & Europe:

• JAM Pedals Rattler
UK & Europe:

• JHS Angry Charlie
UK & Europe:

• The Gigrig G3

Interesting Bits & Go-To Sections
0:00 Intro playing
1:30 What are we doing today?
2:25 What’s on the board?
4:55 Today’s amps
6:18 1980 DS-1, Telecaster
7:30 The tone control
8:04 1980 DS-1, PRS DGT
9:24 1980 DS-1, Strat
11:09 1980 & modern DS-1 comparison
14:45 Why Waza?
15:45 Standard & Waza comparison
16:50 Waza Custom mode
18:25 Mick and the DGT
19:15 Waza Custom and 1980 comparison
21:50 Get well Andy!
22:25 Waza Custom and Standard comparison
26:15 JHS Angry Charlie FTW?
27:10 Angry Charlie vs DS-1 sounds
31:40 Jam Pedals Rattler FTW?
32:08 Rattler vs DS-1 sounds
35:48 Closing thoughts

Guitars in this video
• 1965 Fender Telecaster - Dan’s video here
• PRS DGT - Mick’s video here
• 1961 Fender Stratocaster - no video yet
• 1961 Gibson Les Paul Junior - Dan’s video here

Amps in this video
• PRS HDRX 20 & Two Rock 112 cab with Zilla Custom 2 x 10 with Celestion Alnico Gold speakers
• Marshall 1987x & Zilla Custom 2 x 12 with Celestion Alnico Ruby speakers

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