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Dan’s Vlog – The Ed O’Brien Strat Gets Set Up By Jonny Kinkead

Published on 29 Jan 2019

Dan here, hello! In this video I take my Fender Ed O'Brien Sustainer Stratocaster to Johnny Kinkead to get set up. As we find out, a good setup makes all the difference to how the guitar feels in your hands… which makes all the difference to how much you end up playing it!
Johnny takes us through all the main aspects of a guitar setup as we fettle the EOB closer to where I want it to be. Enjoy…

For anyone not familiar with the guitar, here's the link to Fender's webpage,

…and my own video:

Key timings:
- The initial look/evaluation: 0:00
- General playability: 3:54
- What does a truss rod do? 5:10
- Sighting the neck: 9:54
- How high the nut? 13:04
- Off with your neck: 15:20
- Adjusting the nut: 17:30
- Looking at the nut and stringing: 22:20
- String tree: 27:00
- Lubricating the nut: 28:30
- Imperial or metric: 31:00
- Sighting the neck again and nut adjustment: 31:45
- Filing the nut slots: 33:00
- A recap of order of work: 37:10
- And on to the action: 38:35
- What about the vibrato? 40:40
- Dan has a play test: 41:30
- It’s a different guitar! 45:55
- Intonation: 46:20
- Dan does intonation: 51:15
- Pickup height: 53:00

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