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Choosing A Digital Delay For Guitar – Fun With Boss, Meris, Strymon, Line 6, OTO, Keeley & More

Published 03 Nov 2023

Why choose a digital delay? We offer some food for thought to help you through the repeating fog

Welcome to the show! We’re returning to one of our favourite topics today: delay. You’d be entirely forgiven for thinking that most digital delays are basically the same… but as we explore here, the differences are vast and potentially very confusing.
To whit, we offer three ways of thinking about digital delay, in order to help narrow your potential choices. We start with ‘old-school’ 12-bit delays that we’re calling ‘character’; moving on to modelling delays that seek to emulate classic machines of yore. We then discuss modern ‘creative’ delays which are those devices that are pushing the envelope of technology and imagination to take you far, far away from that simple, clean repeat. And yes, some pedals fall into all three categories!
The hope of all the above is – as ever – to help you ask a better question.
Don't ask ‘What delay should I buy?’
Instead try ‘What do I //really// want my delay to do?’
Enjoy the show!

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Pedals & stuff in this episode
• TheGigRig Three2One

• Origin Effects DCX Boost
UK & Europe:

• TC Electronic PolyTune3 Noir Mini
UK & Europe:

• Boss DD-3T
UK & Europe:

• OTO Machines Bim

• Providence Chrono Delay

• Free The Tone Future Factory
UK & Europe:

• Line 6 DL4 MKii
UK & Europe:

• Keeley Andy Timmons Halo
UK & Europe:

• Boss SDE-3000D
UK & Europe:

• Strymon Timeline
UK & Europe:

• Meris Polymoon
UK & Europe:

• TheGigRig G3

Interesting bits & go-to sections
0:00 intro
1:38 hello and welcome
2:46 Three types of digital: character, modelling and creative
3:42 Noels Knobs!
4:16 PRS Myles Kennedy
5:20 DD-3T and 12-bit delays
9:12 Max delay time DD-3T
9:40 Two-Rock TS1 OD channel
11:40 OTO Machines BIM-12 bit delay
17:11 Providence Chrono Delay
23:16 Free The Tone Future Factory
24:50 Filtering the FF repeats
30:00 FF Modulation tones
32:10 Modelling Delays
33:00 Line 6 DL4 MKII
39:11 Keeley Andy Timmons Halo
48:37 Boss SDE-3000
53:45 Can we figure out the BOSS UI?
59:45 Why no Meris LVX?
1:01:00 Strymon Timeline and shimmer
1:05:00 What do I need my delay to do?
1:06:00 Infinite repeats on the Timeline
1:09:05 Meris Polymoon
1:13:00 How far down the rabbit hole?
1:18:00 Analog dry through?
1:20:00 Which ones would we choose?

Guitars in this episode
• PRS Myles Kennedy Signature - no video yet
• Fender Johnny Marr Signature Jaguar - no video yet

Amps & cabs in this episode
• Two Rock TS1 50-watt 1x12 combo with TR1265B speaker
• Mesa Boogie 50/50 Stereo Power Amp
• 2 x Zilla Custom 1x12 cabs with Celestion WGS12L speakers

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