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Thanks for your interest in That Pedal Show!

Please READ THIS BEFORE YOU SEND ANYTHING and drop us an email to to discuss whatever it is you have in mind.



  1. Contact us BEFORE sending stuff

  2. Sending us stuff does not guarantee it will appear on a show. 

  3. If you send us stuff you will need to pay for the shipping costs (both ways) and any import/VAT charges

  4. You can have the stuff collected, or leave it with us





  • TPS does not charge anybody to have gear featured on the show: we never have and we never will - this keeps us independent and able to focus on gear that we're interested in without any commercial obligations.

  • The show is based primarily around concepts and learning not straight gear reviews.

  • We choose and use gear that we feel best demonstrates those concepts.

  • We can't guarantee that anything we get sent will appear in a show and/or when that might happen. 

  • Likewise, we can't guarantee that we'll be able to try every piece of gear that we get sent.

  • If you're looking for any feedback/ideas/suggestions about your product, especially any prototypes then you will need to discuss this up front when you first get in touch.

  • We are always open to suggestions for content but if you decide to send any products unsolicited please don’t just expect for it to be featured and make sure you are aware of the following...



  • If you’re sending stuff from outside of the European Union, please note that there will be Import Duty and 20 per cent VAT added to the consignment value when it arrives with us.

  • It would be extremely helpful if this was PREPAID via your courier.

  • If that is not possible, please CONTACT US IN ADVANCE of sending anything so we can discuss this beforehand - please contact us via

  • Marking the consignment with the lowest value possible and ‘samples for review’ can help lower charges. No doubt you will have your own proven methods if you’re regularly sending stuff to magazines and whatnot.

  • PLEASE NOTE: If you send stuff unsolicited and we get an invoice from a courier company, or a customs/duty bill, we will refuse the delivery.



  • When you email us about sending gear please make it clear if you have any time constraints.

  • Just let us know when you would like to collect and we’ll have it packed up and ready to go.

  • We require you to cover collection and shipping charges and also whatever import duties/VAT were charged to That Pedal Show on receipt with us, unless otherwise discussed and agreed in advance.




Some people choose to leave stuff with us indefinitely whereupon it faces a number of possible futures…

  1. It joins the TPS 'house' gear. We hold a core selection of gear at TPS that gets featured on the show whenever appropriate. This selection of stuff changes over time. Hopefully it goes without saying that we will never sell or trade any of your stuff! (Apparently this actually happens out there…)

  2. A TPS Giveaway. We will publicise these including announcing winners on the show. Any giveaways will be discussed in advance to gain your explicit permission to do so. Please be aware we won't give away anything away that hasn't been featured on the show.

  3. With your blessing, we will pass gear on to artists, associates and notables, but only with your explicit blessing.



We appreciate your support for the way we do things. That Pedal Show has an ever growing and loyal audience, partly because we have no obligation – commercial or otherwise – to manufacturers. 

Our goal has always been to inform, entertain and inspire our fellow guitar nuts to play more, sound better and feel great.


That’s why we all did this thing in the first place, right?


If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to get in touch:


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