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Want To Nail Gilmour's Tone? Before Effects Pedals & Amps, Understand His **Phrasing**

Published 18 Feb 2021

If you really want to nail the legendary guitar tones of David Gilmour, or any of your six-string heroes, first you need to understand their phrasing

Life too short for long YouTube videos? Please see the ‘Interesting bits and go-to sections’ information below.

Welcome! Dan here. This started as a vlog idea. Sat here in YouTube Gearvideoland, we are constantly bombarded with questions about the equipment our favourite players used to get certain tones. And we find ourselves constantly replying that focussing only on the gear is never going to get you there.
The next old chestnut to come out is that 'tone is all in the hands'. We LOVE this one – hold those hands up next to your ears. Can you hear that tone? No, of course you can't because the gear clearly plays a part too. It all matters.
The thing that links a player's hands with the gear is their approach and technique. And more than anything else, what marks a specific player out is their phrasing. That's why it's often said that you can plug David Gilmour into anything… and he'll sound like David Gilmour. In fact it was probably him who said it in the first place!
We think it's worth some time. Looking closely at a player's phrasing will get you closer to their sound than any boutique pedal. Not only that, but it's absolutely free to take and there's no three-year wait list!
Let's do this…

Gear in this episode
• 1965 Fender Telecaster

• Hook Amps Little Lenny II

• Matchless HC30

• Grossman SG-FatBox Iso Cab with Greenback 20 Watt Celestion Speaker

• Kingsley Peasant Preamp

• Kingsley Page Boost

• Empress Compressor MkII
UK & Europe:

• Yamaha L1-01 Limiter
No longer made

• TheGigRig G3

• UAD Apollo Twin Duo MkII
UK & Europe:

• UAD Pure Plate Reverb

• UAD EP-34 Delay Plug-In

• UAD Neve 1073 Preamp & EQ Plugin

• 2017 Gibson Memphis 1958 ES-335
No longer made

• Kingsley Maiden D

• Kingsley Page DS

• Chase Bliss Audio CXM1978
UK & Europe:

• Two-Rock Classic Reverb Signature and Two-Rock 112 / WGS12L speaker

• Hughes & Kettner Puretone and Zilla Custom 112 / WGS12L speaker
No longer made

Interesting bits and go-to sections
- Another Brick In The Wall Part 2 solo cover first section: 00:00
- What are we doing today?: 00:40
- Emulating your inspiration: 01:15
- The problem with chasing a ‘sound’: 01:50
- How important is the gear?: 02:10
- The importance of phrasing: 03:02
- Rockloe - : 03:35
- TheSwiety - : 03:40
- Gleyfy Brauly - : 03:46
- Same solo on the drums?: 04:20
- Different solo, same phrasing: 05:07
- Mick here, hello!: 06:05
- Unpicking the opening phrase: 06:45
- Rake and bends: 07:15
- 1 Learn The Rhythm: 07:45
- 2 Change Position: 08:10
- 3 Change Direction Of Travel: 08:45
- The MASSIVE Major 3rd Bend: 09:50
- Using this concept with other instruments: 11:40
- 12:30
- How Dan Gets The Tone: 12:45
- It's not the right guitar…: 13:50
- …or amp, Hook Little Lenny II: 14:13
- The Speaker Cab – Grossman SG FatBox Iso Cab: 14:34
- UA Apollo Twin interface: 14:50
- Working with the direct tone EQ: 15:00
- The Pedalboard: 15:35
- Kingsley Peasant: 15:50
- Empress Compressor MkII: 16:05
- Adding a limiter after the compressor: 17:05
- Turning off the reverb in the amp: 17:30
- Cone Cry?: 18:05
- Direct tone in the mix, adding plugins: 18:25
- UAD Pure Plate and Neve 1073 Preamp plugins: 19:15
- Closing thoughts: 20:15
- Jamming with Gleyfy: 21:15

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