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Using Pre and Post Gain in TheGigRig G2

Published on 12 Jun 2015

In this episode, Daniel responds to a question he gets asked all the time about G2's Pre and Post Gain functions. What do they do, and how do you use them?

While this is relevant to G2 owners, there's also a much wider point that's relevant to all guitar players in terms of gain structure when using pedals.

For example, increasing the input gain into an overdrive pedal will increase the gain and compression in the pedal itself. Similarly, decreasing it will help the pedal sound cleaner and less compressed.

Increasing the signal gain after the pedal will increase the gain and compression into the front end of your amp, and on it goes.

The point of all this? It's not just about balancing levels – you can extract lots more tones and textures from your pedals! While G2's Pre and Post Gain functions are designed to help you do exactly that, you can achieve similar results with a boost pedal, depending on where you place it in the signal chain. For more on boosts, watch this:

Likewise, using the Pre and Post Gain functions enables you to really tailor the sounds from modulation pedals, reverbs and delays… all of your pedals, in fact.

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