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Unobtania. And Just What Is A Transparent Drive Anyway?

Published on 20 Nov 2015

In this episode Daniel and Mick grapple with the concept of 'transparent overdrives' and why you might want one.

The idea is an overdrive pedal that adds some gain and compression, but that changes the EQ minimally. So the questions are: how much gain and compression is too much, and what constitutes minimal EQ changes?

Inevitably, the pedals that are most renowned for doing these jobs the best tend to be expensive and hard to find. They also don't necessarily do it! Hence we've enlisted the services of…

• Klon Centaur
• Analogman King Of Tone
• Timmy Overdrive

These three Unobtania are ably put into context with a Keeley-modded Boss BD-2 Blues Driver and an Analogman Prince Of Tone.

Amps today are a Marshall JTM45 into a 2x12 Marshall 2061cx with Celestion G12H-Anniversary speaker, and a Two-Rock Studio Pro 35 into a custom Zilla 1x12 with a Celestion G12H-75 Creamback.

We also switch in a little delay from the Strymon TimeLine here and there.

As always, amp and effects switching and routing is handled effortlessly by TheGigRig G2.

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