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Tone Bender Special With JHS Josh & Anthony Macari

Published 20 Mar 2020

We visit Macaris in London, home of the world-changing Tone Bender fuzz box to listen to some original pedals and find out how it all came to be. We’re delighted to be joined by Josh Scott of JHS Pedals.

Life too short for long YouTube videos? Please see the ‘Interesting bits and go-to sections’ information below.

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We’ve been wanting to do this for ages. Dan and I have both talked with Anthony Macari in recent years about visiting the famous family music store in London’s West End to do a show on the music-changing Tone Bender pedals that originated there in 1965.
Macaris and the Tone Bender were right at the heart of the birth of fuzz as it stumbled, spluttered and eventually roared into rock and pop music. Music would never be the same again!
Fast forward a year or two and our great friend Josh Scott from JHS Pedals sent us a mail saying he’d be in London so we should hang out and maybe do something. Boom.
All the guitars, amps and pedals used are listed below.
Enjoy the episode!

MASSIVE thanks to Anthony and the team at Macaris for giving up the bottom floor of their store, and of course for letting us play with these vintage gems!

Thanks too to Josh and the JHS Pedals team for their help with this video. Please check out their awesome YouTube shows.

Pedals & stuff in this episode…
• 1965 Mk I Tone Bender
New version:

• Sola Sound 'Goldie' Tone Bender by David Main

• 1965 Range Master Fuzz Bug - No longer available

• 1965 Sola Sound Professional MKII
New version:

• Sola Sound MKIV Tone Bender E S O G B

• Boss DD-200
UK & Europe:

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Interesting bits and go-to sections…
- Check it out! 0:00
- Eh, Josh? 0:37
- Anthony Macari: 1:15
- Let’s get on with it: 1:49
- The Macaris story: 2:02
- But it distorts the sound?! 4:22
- Where were the early pedals made? 5:52
- What about the Maestro FZ-1? 6:41
- First Tone Bender hit record? 7:28
- Piece of cheese – the first Mk I Tone Bender: 8:15
- … with Esquire (Telecaster): 10:47
- …Rivolta and P90: 12:17
- …Les Paul: 13:26
- The MK I.5 – how did that happen? 15:40
- Is this story right? 17:30
- MK I.5 sounds with PRS Silver Sky: 19:40
- …Esquire: 21:35
- Amps today: 23:00
- MK I.5 with Les Paul: 23:50
- …with Rivolta and P90s: 25:25
- Today’s delay pedal: 26:08
- Rangemaster Bug Fuzz: 26:33
- …Rivolta and P90s: 27:50
- …Esquire: 28:30
- …PRS Silver Sky: 30:00
- MK II Professional: 31:30
- The old cheque books: 33:25
- MK II with Esquire: 35:19
- …with Les Paul: 37:37
- …with Rivolta: 40:00
- MK III & MK IV Tone Benders? 42:08
- …and OEM models? 43:54
- …Les Paul: 48.10
- …Esquire: 49:25
- What have we learned today? 51:29
- Josh’s Builder’s Soapbox: 54:38

Guitars in this episode:
• Gibson Les Paul Standard 2012 Collector’s Choice #4 Sandy:
• Fender Custom Shop Esquire:
• Rivolta Combinata VII:
• PRS John Mayer Silver Sky:

Amps in this episode
• 1974 Marshall Super Lead Head & Marshall 2x12 cabinet (sold)
• Cornell Plexi 18/20

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