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Time To Hear It! Dan's Acoustic Guitar Build Part 5/5 With Jonny Kinkead

Published 4 Jan 2022

And it's finished! I finally get to play my guitar after the last build processes…

Life too short for long YouTube videos? Please see the ‘Interesting bits and go-to sections’ information below.

Dan here, hello! It's an emotional day, as the guitar I ordered over two years ago is finally finished and ready to play! Please join me as we watch Jonny take care of the final stages of build and finish, before I head back to the TPS studio to record it for the first time.
What do I think? Can I even think at all at this point? Hmmm…

This is part five of five. For more on Jonny and his instruments, visit

Part One:
Part Two:
Part Three:
Part Four:

Q: Why are you spelling Jonny’s name ‘Kinkead’?
A: Because that’s his name! The guitars are ‘Kinkade’, Jonny is ‘Kinkead’. He chose ‘Kinkade’ for the guitars because nobody could spell ‘Kinkead’ correctly.

Q: How did you record the guitar at the end?
A: Mick here, hello. The guitar is mic'd at the 12th fret and around the bridge area using Austrian Audio OC18 mics. They hit Meris 440 mic preamps set with flat EQ. In post I rolled off some of the sub 50Hz bottom end and boosted a couple of dB around 10-12kHz (the EQ is more about balancing for mic position/type than changing the sound of the guitar). A touch of Lexicon 224 plate reverb courtesy of the UAD plugin and we're done.

Interesting bits and go-to sections…
0:00 The last thing to build, the bridge
2:15 The bridge template
4:00 Bridges and fingerboards like to shrink
5:55 Polished and looking stunning
8:25 My concern with my new guitar
10:59 A ringy thing
11:35 The finished bridge
13:00 What pickup am I having?
13:25 Oiling the fingerboard
14:06 Scratchplate? Maybe not
19:00 The first sounds from my guitar
19:30 String spacing at the nut
19:50 The K&K Pure Mini
22:00 Gradually coming up to pitch
22:39 The first chord played on the guitar
23:22 The nut slots need taking down
24:20 Starting to sing
26:34 The internal label
27:58 Strap button
28:19 Getting ready to say goodbye
29:15 The big day!
29:53 Final thoughts from Jonny
35:43 Jonny’s book
37:54 The handover
38:41 Going in the case…
39:00 Frome and the first bit of playing
42:40 My first thoughts
43:34 Mick’s thoughts on hearing it for the first time
44:10 Some long sustained chords

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