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That Pedal Show – We Visit AnalogMan HQ In The USA

Published on Nov 10, 2017

We had the great opportunity to visit the USA in October 2017. While en route to Riff City Guitar in New Hope, Minnesota, we stopped via Bethel, Connecticut to meet one of the boutique effects world’s true pioneers: Mike Piera, aka Analog Man!
Mike was kind enough to show us around his awesome collection of old stuff before taking a brief look at the production side of Analog Man. It’s a very small company of skilled and dedicated staff making exceptional quality analogue effects boxes that draw from, evolve, and indeed greatly surpass many vintage classic designs.
This is Part 1 of our experience, that includes a very quick flick through some Analog Man core pedals. In Part 2 we will dive deeper into Mike’s incredible world of Sun Face Fuzz pedals to see what we can learn.
In the meantime, please enjoy the video…

Analog Man sells pedals direct via the website:

In addition, our preferred exclusive retailers in the UK & Europe, USA and Australia may have stocks of certain product lines.

UK & Europe – Andertons Music:
USA – Riff City Guitar:
Australia – Pedal Empire:

Pedals in this episode…
• Analog Man Envelope Filter
• Analog Man Bi-Comp (rev 5)
• Analog Man Prince Of Tone
• Analog Man Bi-Chorus
• Analog Man ARDX20 Delay
• Analog Man Astro Tone Fuzz
• Analog Man Boss DS-1/Pro With Midrange
• Analog Man Bad Bob Boost
• Analog Man Beano Boost

* Why do we have preferred retailer links? Find out here:

Interesting bits and go-to sections…
- Here we are then! 00:00
- Tube Screamers in the doorway: 1:00
- Vintage stuff everywhere! 1:48
- Background and how Mike got into pedals: 2:40
- More vintage madness – Mu-Tron Flanger and more: 6:30
- The production room (and more vintage madness): 10:50
- The new Analog Man Envelope Filter: 12:20
- Old parts and why everything matters: 12:50
- Transistors! 16:05
- More detail on the new Envelope Filter: 18:20
- A software engineer in Japan: 19:55

- Let's hear some pedals! 24:07
- Envelope Filter: 26:00
- Bi-Comp Rev 5: 28:30
- Astro Tone Fuzz: 31:15
- Prince Of Tone: 32:18
- Bi-Chorus: 33:20
- ARDX20 Delay: 35:00
- Boss DS-1 Pro Mod with Mid Control: 38:50
- Bad Bob Booster: 41:20
- Beano Booster: 43:00
- Today's amps?: 43:30
- More Beano Booster: 41:15
- A very quick pek at Part 2: FUZZ! 46:10

- So what is it about analogue anyway? 46:21
- What's new - what's coming next? 49:30

Guitars & amps in this episode
• Fender 1968 Telecaster
• Fender 1978 Stratocaster
• Fender 1966 Super Reverb
• Fender Pro Junior into vintage Marshall 4x12 with Celestion Greenbacks

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