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That Pedal Show – Live From Riff City Guitar In New Hope Minnesota, USA

Published on Dec 8, 2017

This episode is a live show we filmed at Riff City Guitar in New Hope, Minnesota during October 2017.
Riff City is That Pedal Show’s exclusive preferred retailer in the USA. The wonderful Joe Leach and his team have recently opened this store, so to celebrate we headed there with a couple of cameras to do our usual thing in front of group of very lovely and patient humans!
We cover a bunch of topics (please see the timings below) and as usual we could have gone on for a few days, such is the depth and endless wonder of this thing we call guitar tone.

HUGE thanks to Sam Leach for help with the filming. And to Les, Nick, Andrew, Will, Ben and Ellen for their help and kindness during our trip. Thanks of course to Joe for believing in That Pedal Show and helping us to do what we do.

Last but absolutely not least, thank you to everyone who came along to the filming session, and also the following day in the store. It was a great pleasure to meet and chat with so many like-minded people. THANK YOU!

Enjoy the video…

Pedals in this episode…

• TheGigRig Three2One

• Sonic Research ST-300 Turbo Tuner Mini

• Analog Man Sun Face NKT Red Dot

• Analog Man Bad Bob Booster

• Keeley D&M Drive
UK & Europe:

• Boss GE-7 Equalizer
UK & Europe:

• Mooer ElecLady
UK & Europe:

• Strymon TimeLine
UK & Europe:

• Walrus Audio Monument Tremolo
UK & Europe:

• TC Electronic Hall Of Fame 2
UK & Europe:

• TheGigRig G2

Why do we have preferred retailer links? Find out here:

Interesting bits and go-to sections…
- Well hello! 0:00
- Where are we? 2:41
- A long discussion begins on gainstacking with boosts: 3:22
- Today’s amps: 4:16 (5:10)
- Mid boost: 6:30
- …and why Strat players just love it: 8:14
- You can’t play that in a guitar shop! 9:10
- Full range boost – Analog Man Bad Bob: 12:40
- Upping the gain with stacking: 15:50
- What is that Strat? 16:20
- A quick aside on guitar key frequency areas: 24:11
- Boosts in loops? 25:50
- Fuzz! 26:45
- Yes you can get a lovely clean sound at maximum fuzz: 27:20
- Fuzzes and buffers - key issues: 29:47
- What is true bypass anyway? 32:14
- Buffers before fuzz? 34:39
- And wah-wah… 35:25
- Buffers after fuzz: 37:25
- A little bit on modulation: 41:25
- Andy Summers in a box: 43:30
- How chorus works: 44:54
- Let’s do that again! 45:00
- Wet/dry - hooray! 48:30
- …and tremolo: 50:40
- …and delay and reverb: 51:25
- …and fuzz! 53:40
- Wet/dry, hum and isolation: 59:39

Amps in this episode
• Fender ’65 Deluxe Reverb combo
• Victory Sheriff 22 & V212-VH cabinet
UK & Europe:

Guitars in this episode
• Fender Custom Shop Ltd Edition ’59 Stratocaster
• Fender American Standard Telecaster (channel bound)

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