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That Pedal Show – Captain Anderton Special: Dan Meets The Cap' Meets Mick

Published on Sep 2, 2016

This week is a break from the usual show format as we welcome a very special guest: Lee Anderton, aka ‘The Captain’ from Andertons Music in Guildford, UK. Along with his friend and co-host, Rob Chapman, The Cap is responsible for some of the biggest viewed guitar vids on YouTube, as well as running one of the UK’s biggest and best music stores.

During the video we discuss all kinds of things, including The Cap’s own Desert Island Pedalboard, his ’54 Anniversary Strat and a whole bunch of other stuff to boot. Sit back, grab a beer and join the conversation.

For more on Andertons, please visit their website at: /
Also the Andertons Music YouTube Channel at

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