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Steven Wilson's Live Rig 2016. On Stage In Bristol, UK

Published on Jan 29, 2016

In this episode, Daniel and Mick join progressive rock titan, Steven Wilson, on stage to check out his live rig.

This was filmed during the 2016 Hand. Cannot. Erase. Tour, with Steven kindly taking some time before the show to talk and play us through his pedalboard and rig.

Steven is a master of tone shaping and sculpting to add colour, texture and dynamics to his ambitious approach to composition and performance. We'd urge you to check out his solo records, particularly Grace For Drowning (2011), The Raven That Refused To Sing and Drive Home (2013), Hand. Cannot. Erase (2015) and also his latest 4 1/2 (2016).
And please please please go and see Steven and the band live – it's a sonic and sensory experience that you'll never forget.

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Steven's main electric guitar is a PRS Singlecut Trem (Goldie).
His main amp is a Bad Cat Lynx 50 and 4x12 cabinet.
On this version of Steven's pedalboard, you will find…

Dunlop CGB95 Cry Baby Wah
Boss FV-500H Volume pedal
Dinosaural Opticompressor
Analogman Prince Of Tone
J Rockett 10 Ton Hammer
Moog MF Trem
Diamond Vibrato
Electro-Harmonix Micro POG
Option 5 Destination Rotation Single
Strymon TimeLine
Strymon BigSky
TC Electronic PolyTune
Source Audio Toolblox Programmable EQ
TC Electronic Ditto

Controlling all pedals and amp switching is TheGigRig G2

For more on TheGigRig G2, go here:

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