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Setting Up Your Amp To Use With Drive Pedals

Published on 7 Aug 2015

In this episode, Daniel and Mick attempt to throw some light on how to think about setting your amp up for different drive pedals.

Bottom line, the gain and EQ structure of your amp has a huge influence on how your drive pedals sound, feel and react.

The guys begin with a late-1970s Fender Twin with EV speakers and a Mallard 18-watt Marshall clone through Greenbacks.
They use a Boss SD-1 Super Overdrive and Electro-Harmonix Nano Big Muff Pi into both amps, to demonstrate the extent of just how different your pedals can sound, depending on which kind of amp you use - the difference is remarkable!

They then move on to an amplifier that sits between the classic Marshall and Fender schools in terms of gain and EQ structure, the Hamstead Artist 20, to explain how you might think about setting up your amp and drive pedal to get the sound and feel you desire.

There's a little bit of discussion on delay and reverb, but this is predominantly about drive and distortion.

Daniel is playing is Fender Custom Shop ’63 Telecaster; Mick is playing his Fender American Vintage ’62 Stratocaster.

Switching is handled effortlessly as ever by TheGigRig G2.

As ever, there are no answers - we're just trying to help you ask better questions in pursuit of your ideal sound!

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