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Phil X On Playing With Attitude – Dan's Vlog: That Pedal Show [Interview]

Published on 1 Oct 2019


Hello, Dan here!
I've been fortunate enough to hang with Phil X on a number of occasions, and he is undoubtedly one of the coolest guys I know.
Currently with Bon Jovi, he is a truly gifted rock guitar player who exudes intensity and attitude, but who also understands dynamics and sensitivity.
I've been a fan since his 'Fretted Americana' days on YouTube, so when Phil was passing through London I grabbed the opportunity to sit with him and see if I could glean some insight into just how he does what he does.

I hope you enjoy this episode.

#philx #guitarinterview #bonjovi
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Interesting bits & go to sections:
- Intro and hello: 0:00
- The 8-year-old playing Elvis: 2:00
- Tips on on playing loud amps: 3:35
- You can't think: 6:10
- And you can't just play notes: 8:30
- Tip of the hat to VH: 12:30
- Don't read. Don't need to read? 17:00
- Drills and Jovi and pedals and amps: 23:00
- Tapping without tapping: 27:18
- It's a state of mind: 31:48

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• Big love to iZotope RX7 software for having our backs in noisy hotel rooms.

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