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Pedalboard Builds For Front-Line Key Workers

Published 29 May 2020

We put together a couple of pedalboards for two key workers in need of some tone help.

Life too short for long YouTube videos? Please see the ‘Interesting bits and go-to sections’ information below.

Welcome to the show. Coronavirus / Covid-19 has affected the whole world in seismic proportions. Those of who aren’t key workers have felt a little bit helpless: staying at home, or maybe getting some shopping for a vulnerable neighbour is about as much as we can do, other than some charity donation here and there. What we’re doing here isn’t making a big difference to many, but it is our tiny way of acknowledging our gratitude to the key workers and front-line staff.
Dan put out a post on Facebook asking if there were key workers in need of some tone help. We picked two people at random from the responses and built them a small board each, using stuff either from our personal stash of gear, or kindly donated by the manufacturers. Massive thanks to everyone involved!
It’s a little bit of good news for the people involved, and hopefully some handy pedalboard building advice for everyone else.
Please enjoy the show.

Main gear used in this episode:

Mick’s Board For Patrick
• Pedaltrain Nano+ With Soft Case
UK & Europe:

• MI Audio Super Crunchbox V2

• NRG Effects Kicker 5457

• TC Electronic Corona Chorus+
No longer made… links for standard version, electronically the same…
UK & Europe:
Australia: (mini version):

• Wampler Ethereal Delay & Reverb
UK & Europe:

• TheGigRig Modular Power System

Dan’s board for Keith
• Pedaltrain Metro 16 With Soft Case
UK & Europe:

• Foxrox Octron 3

• 3 Leaf Audio Chromatron

• ZVEX Wooly Mammoth

• Walrus Audio Lillian Phaser
UK & Europe:

• TheGigRig Modular Power System

Enjoy the episode!

Interesting bits and go-to sections…
- What are we doing today: 0:00
- Meet Patrick: 1:45
- Patrick’s pedal requirements: 4:30
- Mick’s choices for Patrick: 5:30
- The benefit of independent true bypass loops: 10:05
- Mick, JEM and Puretone. Oh no… 11:20
- The quick five-gain-pedal shootout: 12:00
- Other pedals for Patrick? 16:30
- Chorus or MIMIQ? 17:28 (19:35)
- Delay and reverb and boost? 23:05
- Let’s start Patrick’s board: 25:00
- But what pedalboard? 25:48
- Vecro or tape? 27:40
- 3M Dual Lock: 28:20
- Patrick’s board build: 29:05
- Patch cables? 29:38
- Power or audio first? 31:10
- Power requirements for Patrick’s board: 31:35
- Testing Patrick’s finished board: 36:14
- Dan’s board for Keith: 40:38
- Meet Keith: 41:00
- Paul Turner’s advice: 41:35
- Dan’s pedal choices for Keith: 43:08
- A makeshift pedal riser: 45:20
- Dan’s pedalboard cable peeve: 46:50
- Dan plays Keith’s board: 50:10

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