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Origin Effects Revival Drive – What Do We Think? That Pedal Show

Published on Aug 17, 2018

Well well well. When somebody brings out an overdrive pedal that isn’t an overdrive pedal… //doesn’t// call it an amp in a box when it’s probably the best one we’ve heard to date… //and// charges a pretty penny to behold its charms, you can expect us to sit up.
So yes it’s complex.Yes it is amp like. And yes it’s an overdrive pedal for people whoo don’t like overdrive pedals. But is it the hands-down, bottom-up no-brainer purchase that we should all make?
Nope. This puppy is dividing opinion good and proper.
So what about us?
Please enjoy the episode…

Pedals in this episode…

• TheGigRig Three2One

• D’Addario Pedal Tuner
UK & Europe:

• Analog Man Sun Face NKT Red Dot

• Keeley D&M Drive
UK & Europe:

• Origin Effects Revival Drive Custom
UK & Europe:

• JHS Panther Cub V2 Analog Delay
No longer made

• TheGigRig G2

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- Interesting bits and go-to sections…
- Intro playing: 0:00
- Always playing that lick: 1:45
- What are we doing today?: 2:05
- Woo, that’s a lot of controls: 3:19
- How are we plugging in? 5:10
- Two channels – orange and grey: 6:15
- Valve and solid-state rectifiers? 6:55
- Mick has spent his whole life trying to get away from hairy-ass amp distortion: 7:46
- The Poo Pooer Of Hamelin: 8:45
- The Anyest Any Amp Of All: 9:25
- Let’s get going. Finally: 9:53
- The Re-Amp EQ mode switch: 10:35
- Preamp and Bright Cap Structure: 11:00
- All in the middle… let’s go! 12:42 (13:13)
- Three different preamp settings: 14:14
- A sound Mick has been trying to get away from: 15:55
- EQ2 – eek! 17:20
- Let’s try some P90s: 18:16
- The Ghost control: 18:44
- The More/Presence control & negative feedback: 22:25
- Does Origin like P90s and humbuckers more than single coils? 27:11
- Into the front end or the effects loop of the HRD? And humbuckers… 29:40
- Let’s try the other channel: 32:11
- Mick still doesn’t like the hairy stuff: 36:10
- Dan’s sceptical about the Vox tones: 38:00
- Much better! The Revival Drive’s suggested settings: 41:20
- Clapton and Hendrix? 42:37
- Clapton: 42:54
- Hendrix: 43:54
- Less gain, for sure: 45:04
- Engaging the mid boost switch: 47:50
- Boosted with the D&M Drive: 48:40
- And a fuzz? 49:18
- Brian May? 51:16
- Kossoff? 52:25
- Mick’s philosophical tangent: 53:53
- Conclusions? 55:50

Guitars in this episode:
• Fender Custom Shop 1963 Telecaster - watch Dan’s video at
• Fender American Vintage ’62 Stratocaster - watch Mick’s video at
• Collings 290 DCS – watch Mick’s video at
• Fender 60s Reverse Headstock Stratocaster – watch Mick’s video at
• Fender Custom Shop 1952 Telecaster – watch our video at
• Gibson Memphis 1958 ES-335 – no video yet
• Gibson Custom 1958 Les Paul Standard – watch Dan’s video at

Amps in this episode
• Fender Hot Rod Deluxe III (no longer made - check out the version IV)
UK & Europe:

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