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MXR Carbon Copy Bright & Original Carbon Copy. What Do We Think?

Published on 14 Aug 2015

In this episode, Daniel and Mick get a first impression of the new-for-2015 MXR Carbon Copy Bright (the light green one).

The original MXR Carbon Copy (the dark green one) was introduced in 2008, and is much loved by fans of darker sounding, BBD (bucket brigade device) analogue delay pedals for their warm tone and crunchy, degrading repeats.

However, some players find the original Carbon Copy a little too dark sounding for their tastes, or at least would like an alternative that's a little brighter sounding. You know what's coming next: Carbon Copy Bright!

So, Daniel and Mick are comparing the 'original' and Bright models before throwing in an Electro Harmonix Memory Man and the analogue delay sound in the Strymon TimeLine for good measure – two ends of the delay technology spectrum!

The guitars are Fender Custom Shop ’63 Telecaster and a Collings 290 DC S. Amps today are a Lazy J 20 and a Mallard 18-watt Marshall clone, mixed.

As ever, all switching is handled effortless and silently by TheGigRig G2.

Thanks to Westside Distribution for sending us the Carbon Copies to try, and for more on TheGigRig, head to

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