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Modulation Basics: Chorus, Phaser, Flanger, Vibrato, Tremolo & Vibe

Published on Apr 27, 2016

In this video Daniel and Mick take a look at the basics of modulation effects. People are often confused about the differences between chorus, phaser, flanger, vibrato, tremolo and vibe (Uni-Vive phaser), so we’re here to unravel that in as simple a way as we dare!

Please note, this is not a technical theory lesson. That stuff is documented brilliantly on Wikipedia and elsewhere if you want to understand the physics, with diagrams and stuff.

The pedals we’re using today:

• MXR Phase 90 (original script logo) - no longer made but try the reissues!
UK & Europe:

• Mooer ElecLady
UK & Europe:

• Analog Man Bi-Chorus

• Diamond VIB1 Vibrato - no longer made

• Hamstead Soundworks Signature Tremolo
UK & Europe:

• Sweet Sound MojoVibe

We also use a Fire Custom Shop Carpe Diem distortion and Electro-Harmonix Deluxe Memory Man 1100-TT

Interesting bits and go-to sections…
Phaser discussion 4:11
Flanger discussion 6:36
Chorus discussion 9.55
Vibrato discussion 11:45
Tremolo discussion 13:00
Vibe discussion: 15:25
A play through all of the pedals to compare: 23:03

Mick is playing a Fender American Vintage ’62 Stratocaster. Dan is playing a Gretsch Player’s Edition 6118T Anniversary

Amps are a Fender Super Reverb with 4x10 Jensen alnico speakers and a Hamstead Artist 20+RT through a 1x12 Celestion Alnico Blue.

As always, all pedal and amp switching and routing is handled by TheGigRig G2.
For more on TheGigRig see

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