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Mick’s Vlog: New Strings For Blue…

Published on 5 Feb 2019

Mick here. Dan and I have recently changed our string brand to Curt Mangan - - so with all the Strat vlogging going on lately, I thought I’d use this opportunity to change the strings on Blue and talk briefly through some of the issues arising - gauges, materials, longevity, breakages and all that.

This isn’t a stringing masterclass and there aren’t any experts involved. Just one guitar fan to another. Or 178,000 others at the current time. Eeek!

Dan and I will be selling our custom gauges of Curt Mangan strings via the TPS store when we get stock - a few weeks out from the date of this video.

• Mick's gauges for Strat will be 10.5 / 14 / 17 / 28 / 40 / 50

• Dan's gauges for Tele (and Mick's Gibsons) will be 11 / 14 / 18 / 30 / 42 / 52

Now, look. Everyone’s string preference is different, so PLEASE don’t think we’re saying they’re ‘better’ than your current strings. They're really not - it's just a matter of pure personal preference. But if you do want to buy some strings from us, we will have them available in a few weeks, all of which helps fund the making of TPS. But don't feel obliged, and don't get angry. Please.

To whit… for anyone commenting, “Oh man, you should really try //insert whatever strings I should try here//…”
Thank you for the suggestion. I’ve been playing the guitar for over 30 years now and I’ve tried most things. I really, really, really like the regular D’Addario XLs I’ve been using for ages… but I like these more. So that’s what I’m using now.

There’s a bit of entirely unnecessary playing at the end. Not sure what I was hoping to achieve, but let’s do it anyway. Ha!

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