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Keeley D&M Drive Label Maker Limited Edition

Published 8 Oct 2020


We've collaborated with Robert Keeley FX to create a limited-edition run of our signature D&M Drive dual overdrive pedal. On sale at Friday 9 October at 9pm BST.

We have 140 of them, while Keeley in the US, Andertons in the UK and Pedal Empire in Australia will have 20 each. 200 in total. Keeley, Andertons and Pedal Empire will go on sale at a later date, TBC.

190 of them will be printed with the 'Label Maker' graphics while 10 are special 'Naked' editions with no graphics at all. These 10 – and only these 10 – come with a Dymo label maker and tape so you can create your own labels.

If you want to buy one, they will go on sale from That Pedal Show store at 9PM British Summer Time, Friday 9 October.

Inside it's the regular D&M Drive circuit that we love dearly – all the overdrive tones in the video are from the D&M Drive. We're also using a JAM Pedals Delay LLama Xtreme… into a Two Rock Classic Reverb Signature and a Marshall 1987x. You can see the signal chain from pedalboard cam.

If you are a CURRENT TPS Patron via Patreon you will have had an email already offering you the chance to buy one early. Please check your spam if you haven't received it.

Thanks for stopping by!

Dan & Mick

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