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Jon Stockman Part One. Pedalboard tones and talk with Karnivool bassist

Published on 13 Apr 2015

Here's one for the bassists! During the band’s 2015 UK tour dates, Karnivool bassist Jon Stockman dropped in to see us at TheGigRig HQ.

Over this two-part video, Jon chats with Daniel, covering topics including:

• His signal path using TheGigRig Pro14
• Using delay and tremolo with bass guitar
• Using overdrive with bass guitar
• Thinking about EQ when playing with overdriven bass tones
• Differences in EQ when playing live and in the studio
• Looping bass parts
• Tapdancing (no, really)
• And yes, six-string basses!

Jon also talks us through some of his immense bass sounds from Karnivool tracks including Alpha Omega, We Are, Aeons, Simple Boy and New Day.

Jon is playing his Warwick six-string basses through his Ashdown ABM500 head.

We're sorry about the hum during the speech bits - it's the fan in the amp being picked up by the speech mic.

Enjoy, and don't forget to watch Part Two here

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