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Jamming With Andy Timmons, Joey Landreth, Adam Neely, Jack Duxbury & Dougie - [Dan's Vlog]

Published 20 May 2020

At the end of my Two Week Practise Challenge I got together with Mick, Andy Timmons, Adam Neely, Joey Landreth, Jack Duxbury and Dougie Mussard to jam on the tune. Changes!

Watch the full video here:

I wanted to do something positive with this time in isolation so I decided to get on top of few things that I've always wanted to get under my fingers, namely 'playing the changes'. My daughter also wanted to learn how to play a solo, so we both set ourselves two weeks to see how much we could accomplish. You can

This is the end part, where I'm joined by Mick, Andy Timmons and Joey Landreth to see how they'd approach it. Thanks guys!
And of course massive thanks to our AMAZING band: Dougie Mussard on drums, Adam Neely on bass and Jack Duxbury on keys. Wonderful humans!

Interesting bits and go-to sections…
- Hello: 0:00
- Let's play those changes 0:16
- Mick in the house 1:30
- Andy Timmons takes us to school 2:18
- Joey takes us to flavour town, sooo tasty 3:13

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