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HUGE Guitar Tones With Double-Tracking

Published 18 March 2021

What’s the simplest way to fatten a recorded guitar tone? Record it again!
Today we’re looking at 5 tips to get you all inspired to try double-tracking guitar parts.

Life too short for long YouTube videos? Please see the ‘Interesting bits and go-to sections’ information below.

Gear In This episode

1965 Fender Telecaster
1961 Gibson Les Paul Jr
Taylor Academy 10C acoustic guitar
Mallard 18-watt Marshall clone
Plosive Electronics May Treble Booster
Boss GE7 Graphic Equalizer
Keeley 30ms Double Tracker

Interesting bits and go-to sections
0:00 Intro – “I Am Iron Dan”
0:27 Mallard 18 Watt Marshall Clone
0:28 Plosive May Treble Booster
0:50 Welcome
1:07 What Is Double-Tracking?
1:41 5 Favourite Double Tracking Techniques
1:48 1. Play It The Same
2:37 We’re after the small differences in performances
2:45 2. Play It A Bit Different
3:33 3. Nashville Tuning Explained
4:20 Sounds Like a 12 String Guitar
4:53 Using A Capo
5:42 Using EQ
5:50 Jon Stockman from Karnivool
7:20 Using The Techniques In A Track
9:35 Can I Do This With A Pedal?
10:25 Keeley 30ms Double Tracker
11:10 Does Phase Matter?
12:15 What About Panning?
12:45 Thanks for watching

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