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How To Choose Two Amps For Wet-Dry Guitar Rigs

Published on 28 Feb 2020

Welcome to the show! In this episode, Dan and I return to one of our favourite subjects: wet/dry guitar rigs. Definitions differ as to what wet/dry actually means, but for us it is this:

First off, you are using two separate guitar amplifiers…
Compression, boost, EQ, wah, overdrive, fuzz (all the ‘dry’ effects) go to both amps.
Modulation, delay and reverb (all the ‘wet’ effects) only goes to one amp: we call this the wet amp.
The amp that doesn’t get the ‘wet’ effects we call the dry amp.

It’s pretty simple in theory, but you need to be aware of a bunch of things when choosing your two amps such as volume, gain, phase and (related to phase), digital latency. There’s EQ as well of course, but that’s really a matter of personal preference and taste so we're not getting into it here.

In this video we use a fairly standard signal path…
Guitar, overdrives, modulation, delay, reverb, tremolo, amps

Viewed as the wet/dry signal path it’s this (sorry we can’t draw a diagram here, but let’s try text…)
DRY SIDE: Guitar, overdrives, SPLIT (Humdinger) to Amp 1
WET SIDE: Guitar, overdrives, SPLIT (Humdinger), chorus, delay, reverb, trem to Amp 2

Hopefully that explains it!

Enjoy the episode.

Pedals & stuff in this episode…

• TheGigRig Three2One

• Peterson Strobo Stomp HD
UK & Europe:

• Cornerstone Gladio Double Preamp

• Greer Amps Lightspeed
UK & Europe:

• TheGigRig Humdinger

• Jam Pedals Waterfall
UK & Europe:

• Keeley ECCOS Neo-Vintage Tape Delay
UK & Europe:

• Empress Reverb
UK & Europe:

• Source Audio True Spring Reverb
UK & Europe:

• Hamstead Signature Analogue Tremolo MkII
UK & Europe:

• TheGigRig G2

* Why do we have preferred retailer links? Find out here:

Interesting bits and go-to sections…
- Intro playing: 00:00
- What are we doing today? 1:20
- Today’s pedalboard: 2:25
- Wet/dry or dual mono? 3:15
- Victory V40 and Fender Hot Rod Deluxe: 4:50
- Headroom and volume thoughts: 5:25
- Q: What If The Amps Aren’t Same Power? 7:20
- PHASE!: 8:20
- The phase dance: 10:00
- Q: What If The Amps Are Mismatched In Gain? 11:14
- Q: Which Amp Wet, Which Amp Dry? 12:40
- …adding overdrive pedals to mismatched amps? 15:45
- Q: But Can You Do This At Low Volume? 19:45
- … no, we said LOW volume – 80dB? 22:20
- Dan’s volume revelation: 24:45
- Bugera T5 at 0.1 watt: 26:54
- …adding he Marshall Class 5 to it: 29:00
- Q: What If The Amps Are Wildly Mismatched? 30:52
- Hiwatt 100 and Marshall Class 5: 31:22
- Q: What About A Valve Amp And An Analogue Transistor Amp? 37:18 (37:44)
- Q: What About A Valve Amp And A Digital Modelling Amp?: 41:04
- Q: What About A Pedal That Doesn’t Have Analogue Dry-Through? 46:12 (47:15)
- Summary of our learnings today: 51:30
- Play out – Matchless and Two Rock: 54:00

Guitars in this episode:
• 1965 Fender Telecaster - no video yet
• Fender American Vintage ’62 Stratocaster – Mick’s video at

Amps in this episode
- Victory 40 The Duchess and 212VCD cabinet, Celestion G12-65 Creamback speakers
- Fender Hot Rod Deluxe III with original speaker
- Vox AC15 C1 with Celestion Greenback speaker
- Marshall Class 5 with original 10-inch speaker
- Bugera Infinium T5 with Burt Custom 1x12, Celestion Alnico Cream speaker
- BluGuitar Amp 1 with Burt Custom 1x12, Celestion Alnico Cream speaker
- Boss Katana 100 1x12 combo with origonal speaker
- Hiwatt DR103 Custom 100 with Two Rock 212 with TR1265 B speakers
- Two Rock Classic Reverb Signature Two Rock 212 with TR1265 B speakers
- Matchless HC-30 with Matchless ESD 212 cabinet / Celestion G12M Greenback & G12H Anniversary speakers

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