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Gretsch G5422 vs Epiphone Casino? [Plus Gretsch TV Jones Pickup Fit]

Published 20 April 2021

Welcome to the vlog. Warning: this one is a bit of a slog so if you just want to hear the guitars and skip all the waffle, the timings below and the timestamps in the video will help you.
But for those of you who do like to torture yourselves, I hope you enjoy this journey. It started as a Gretsch pickup fit idea, but having just done the Casino and given their relative similarity as guitars… well, it was begging for a comparison. So that’s how it ended up!
I start by comparing the Casino and the Gretsch before the Gretsch pickup swap, then labour through the pickup fit before comparing them again. There’s even a bit of ‘music’ so you can hear them in context towards the end.

Please enjoy the episode!

Pedals & stuff in this episode…

Signal order for the board:
Wah, Tweedy, octave, TS808, Klon, split…
Harmonious Monk, then Vent, both to Two-Rock only
Delay and reverb stereo to both amps
(Tweedy, octave, TS808 and Klon hit both amps)
TheGigRig G3 Atom takes care of all signal routing, splits wet/dry/parallel and stereo
Wah, Tweedy and octave are outside of G3, before loop 1. TS808 is loop 1, Klon loop 2, Monk in 3, Vent in 4, delay in 5, reverb in 6.

• Schmidt Array SA525 pedalboard

• JAM Pedals Wahcko Wah (not in shot)
UK & Europe:

• Dan Drive Tweedy
Find Dan on Facebook and Instagram

• Mythos Argo Octave Fuzz
UK & Europe:

• Ibanez Tube Screamer TS808 (Keeley plus mod)
No longer available

• Klon Centaur Professional Overdrive
Mainly available used. Also find Bill Finnegan on eBay

• JAM Pedals Harmonious Monk
UK & Europe:

• Neo Instruments Mini Vent II
UK & Europe: Try the Micro Vent too,

• Free The Tone Future Factory FF-1Y RF Phase Modulated Delay
UK & Europe:

• Chase Bliss Audio CXM 1978
UK & Europe:

• TheGigRig G3 Atom

* Why do we have preferred retailer links? Find out here:

Interesting bits and go-to sections…
- These two guitars: 00:32
- Similarities and differences: 02:22
- Sound comparisons pre-pickup change: 03:58
- Thoughts so far: 13:48
- Filter’Trons? Nah… 14:27
- How much?! 16:40
- The pickup fit begins: 17:45
- Do the knobs fit?: 19:00
- Pulling out the old wiring: 20:50
- English mount / pickup ring adapters: 23:01
- Reamer?: 25:14
- The magic tube for component mounting: 26:00
- Reaming out the control holes: 28:35
- Neck or bridge pickup – which is which?: 29:45
- Putting the harness in the guitar: 35:00
- Strings: 40:10
- New pickup sounds & Epi comparison: 41:10
- Let’s play a track with both guitars!: 54:04
- Final thoughts and ponderings: 58:35

Guitars in this episode:
• 2017 Epiphone Casino, fitted with Lollar Dogear P90 pickups
• 2016 Gretsch 5422TG fitted with TV Jones T-Armond pickups (English mount)

Amps in this episode
• Two Rock Classic Reverb Signature with 212 cab / TR1265B speakers

• Victory VC35 The Copper with 212 cab / Celestion G12 Greenback and G12 Anniversary speakers
UK & Europe:
USA That Pedal Shop:

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