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Evolution Of A Song: Dan's EP Challenge Episode 1

Published 17 Mar 2020

I'm recording an EP! Join me as I vlog the process from start to finish…

Life too short for long YouTube videos? Please see the episode timings list below.

After a few beers very late one night in a German hotel, I set myself a challenge: to write and record an EP, and do as much as humanly possible from the world's smallest spare room.
Recording an EP at home is no big deal, but it is if you're starting from absolute zero.
In this episode (1 of 4) we'll look at why I'm doing this, talk about songwriting, I'll drop a name or two, then we'll look at the gear that takes my ideas from just that to being arranged and ready for the final recording.
WARNING!! This Vlog contains small snippets of original music.

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Interesting bits and go-to sections:
- Welcome to the vlog, what to expect: 0:00
- Why am I doing this?: 0:46
- How am I going to do this? What about drums?: 1:54
- Let's talk about writing songs: 3:05
- Andy Partridge story: 4:10
- Focus on 'Cortisone': 5:28
- Izotope Spire: 6:40
- First demo of 'Cortisone' recorded on Spire: 8:03
- Journey into GarageBand, what do I need?: 10:00
- Zoom Tac-2: 10:30
- Valve preamps to get better guitar tones: 11:13
- Working on the drums: 11:40
- Rode NT-2A mic 12:40
- First mix on GarageBand with drums: 13:00
- Universal Audio Apollo Twin: 14:15
- Upgrading to Logic: 15:00
- Sontronics Orpheus: 15:20
- Logic guitar arrangement: 16:00
- Dougie changes everything: 17:15
- We've all got a song in us: 18:45

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