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Dan's Lost Guitar Masterclass With Simon Jarrett From Kingsley Amps [Touch, Tone & Harmony]

Published 28 Jan 2021

Add taste and sophistication to your playing with this in-depth tone and theory lesson

Life too short for long YouTube videos? Please see the ‘Interesting bits and go-to sections’ information below.

In October 2019, one of our favourite guitar player/pedal builders, Simon Jarrett from Kingsley Amplifiers, was in the UK and agreed to give me – Dan here – an in-depth guitar lesson covering everything from his dynamic tone to advanced jazz harmony.
Unfortunately (yet unsurprisingly), I managed to lose the media within a day of filming. Or so I thought. Fast forward to January 2021 and a spontaneous Covid-inspired clean-up… the precious media is found. Hoorah!

Please note: this lesson goes very deep with advanced harmonic concepts, specifically certain modes of the melodic minor scale. I've put timestamps in that connect to other resources in certain key sections that you might also want to check out.

I am delighted to share this masterclass featuring Simon Jarrett with you.
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Gear In This episode

• ‘Red’, Dan's Fender Custom Shop ’63 Telecaster
• Gibson Custom 1958 Les Paul Standard
• Matchless HC30 with matching 2x12 cab (Dan)
• Two-Rock Classic Reverb Signature (Simon)
• Kingsley Minstrel

Interesting bits and go-to sections
0:00 Intro, what are we doing?
0:44 A few terms to help you understand the lesson
0:55 Diatonic Harmony
1:22 Looking at 1,4,5 Chord Progression
1:37 The chords in A Major
1:47 The Minor Pentatonic Scale
2:00 The Major Pentatonic Scale
2:12 What is a Tri-Tone?
2:42 Here’s Simon Jarrett from Kingsley Pedals
4:13 Touch and Dynamics
5:24 A lighter touch can be a blessing and a curse
6:40 How Simon uses the guitar volume controls
7:25 Demonstrating a dynamic pentatonic line
8:57 The dynamics of Kingsley valve overdrive
10:38 Getting started with dynamics and swing
11:25 Accenting the upstrokes
13:35 Playing behind the beat
15:00 Setting the gain stages
20:15 The magic of the EF86 valve/tube
23:00 Guitar Harmony
23:10 Building chords in thirds -
24:37 Learning Arpeggios -
25:30 Getting started with Flavour Tones
25:50 Adding natural 6th to A minor pentatonic (Dorian flavour)
28:52 watch out for chord tones
29:12 Playing the changes
30:20 D minor 7 arpeggio – D = tonic, F = minor 3rd, A= Fifth, C = minor 7th
31:45 Connecting the arpeggios
34:10 Jamming on a single chord
34:28 Melodic Minor
34:52 Em Maj7+9
36:03 Em 9/13 (adding the natural 6)
36:15 Em Maj7+9/13
36:25 E Melodic Minor Scale
38:17 Resolving the Tri-Tone
38:44 Changing the 5 chord in a minor key from minor to dominate 7
39:23 Using Harmonic Minor over the 5 chord in a minor key
40:19 What to play over an E7#9
42:50 Building simple phrases targeting chord tones
43:53 Think intervals -
44:22 Using modes of the Melodic Minor scale
46:15 F Melodic Minor scale starting on E = Altered Scale
46:30 E Altered – E=tonic, F=flat2, G=minor 3rd, Ab=flat4, Bb=flat5, C=flat6, D=flat7
47:50 Playing over non diatonic Dom 7th chords
49:15 4th mode of the Melodic Minor = Lydian Flat 7
49:50 Lydian Flat 7 = 1, nat2, maj3, #4, P5, nat6, flat7
51:30 Lydian Flat7 in 12 Bar Blues
52:14 Tri-Tone Substitute (Eb7-A7)
53:11 Resolving the Altered scale
54:14 Eb Lydian Flat7 = A Altered (same notes, both modes of Bb Melodic Minor)
55:24 Simon takes us to Flavour Town

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