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Dan's Jazz Guitar Renovation: Can We Breathe New Life Into This Neglected Jazzbox?

Published 11 Mar 2022

Welcome to the show! This guitar was a gift from my wonderful guitar teacher, Mark Johns. It's been played a lot, but also neglected a lot over the last 20 years, so it's time for a complete overhaul including new electronics, pickups, switches, pots etc. Can we rebirth this guitar to something loveable again?

Enjoy the show!
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Interesting bits and go-to sections…
0:00 Intro & the story of this guitar
1:57 My new guitar will take five years
2:27 We arrive at Monty’s Guitars
3:05 What a dingbat!
4:00 Matt’s first impressions
5:26 Checking the neck
6:35 Checking the electrics
8:44 50’s vs modern wiring
9:24 Stripping the guitar down
11:00 Floating bridge blues
12:20 Old electrics & ground
13:20 Cleaning the frets
16:00 MontePresso fretboard conditioner
18:20 Motorbike polish for guitar
20:24 Monty’s wiring loom
20:52 Monty’s cap caps
22:30 Prepping the solder joints
23:45 Gavitt cable
24:55 Finishing the neck
26:00 Your guitar knows!
27:00 Jeff Beck Strat trem trick
27:45 The wiring
28:20 Here come the pickups
29:00 Installing the switch
29:30 Soldering the switch to the pickups
30:30 Don't strip the screw thread
30:55 Testing the pickups
31:15 Installing the pots
32:05 Connecting the string ground
34:20 Polishing the neck
34:40 Getting rid of the detritus inside the guitar
35:55 Re-stringing and how to check strings
36:47 How Matt re-strings a guitar
38:20 Set up & neck relief
40:00 Checking the nut
40:55 Checking the string action
41:50 Quickly checking the feel
42:40 Slight adjustments to the action
43:50 Intonation
45:00 Adjusting pickup height
46:00 Balancing the pickups
46:40 Pickup polepiece height
47:50 Quick test & done!
49:43 Jazz box at Schwangri-La

Amps in this episode:
• Two-Rock Classic Reverb Signature & 112 cabinet / WGS12L speaker

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