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Boss Metal Zone vs Dan & Mick. Part One...

Published on Apr 1, 2016

Uh-Oh, It's The Inevitable Boss MT-2 Metal Zone Episode, Part One.

Daniel and Mick have never heard a Boss MT-2 Metal Zone before - true story. Yet The Interwebs is full of them however, so we thought we'd plug one in and see what we could learn. Nope, neither of us are metallers, hence what happens next... Lots of chugging, then Mick even plays some blues through it.

If nothing else, it's a pretty reasonable demo of the Metal Zone's undoubtable charms!

We also compare the Metal Zone with a JHS @ (AT) pedal for a bit of context, before deciding that, yes, Dan's going to mod the MT-2 for the upcoming Heavy Gain episode.

Thanks to Andertons Music Co for the loan - and sale! - of the Metal Zone.

Other pedals that feature briefly at the end include a Strymon Time Line and a Neunaber Immerse.

Mick is playing a Gibson Derek Trucks Signature SG and a Fender American Vintage ’62 Stratocaster.
Dan is playing a Gibson Custom 1958 Les Paul Standard.

The main amp today is the Mallard 18-watt Marshall clone through a Marshall 2061cx 2x12 cabinet.

As always, all pedal and amp switching and routing is handled by TheGigRig G2.
For more on TheGigRig see

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