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Boss Metal Zone: Part 2 With Rabea Massaad

Published on Jun 24, 2016

This is the follow-up to our ‘Boss Metal Zone vs Dan & Mick’

We’re delighted to have Rabea Massaad (Dorje, Toska, Chapman Guitars, Victory Amplifiers) along as a guest for this video, firstly because he's such a wonderful human, and secondly because he's somebody who actually plays heavy styles properly… unlike Dan & Mick!

We start by briefly comparing the standard Boss MT-2 Metal Zone to the Analog Man-modded version, before moving on to a run-through some other contemporary high-gain pedals. Bea is not really a gain pedal guy – he prefers using high-gain amps – so we’re interested to hear what he thinks about these. Plus – how good does Dan’s Tele sound as a metal guitar? You might be surprised!

The pedals today are:

• Boss MT-2 Metal Zone
UK & Europe:

• Analog Man Pro Mod Boss MT-2 Metal Zone

• DOD Boneshaker

• Wampler CataPulp

• Wampler Triple Wreck
UK & Europe:

• Amptweaker Fat Metal Pro - No longer made, links to latest version
UK & Europe:

• Amptweaker Tight Metal Pro - No longer made, links to latest version
UK & Europe:

Bea also uses the Electro-Harmonix Memory Man 1100-TT right at the end.

Amps today are a Mesa Lonestar (100-watt mode, clean channel) and a Hamstead Artist 20, running together.

Interesting bits and go-to sections…
• Rabea’s signature ML-3 BEA FR: 1:47
• Clean sound from the amps: 2:50
• Boss MT-2 Metal Zone: 4:54
• Analog Man / Boss MT-2 Metal Zone Pro Mod: 5:52
• DOD Boneshaker: 7:31
• Wampler CataPulp 10:02
• Wampler Triple Wreck 10:53
• “How do you do that, Bea?”: 11:22
• Metal Zone – Show Me Your Dimebag: 13:53
• Amptweaker Fat Metal Pro: 14:06
• Amptweaker noise gate discussion: 14:41
• Single Coils and humbuckers with high gain? 16:32
• Amptweaker Tight Metal Pro: 17:23 and 20:05
• “Are you surprised?” 20:50
• “How would you set the gain and EQ, Bea?” 21:35
• EQ for band playing and home with heavy tones?: 26:18
• Bea plays us out: 29:33

Rabea is playing his Chapman Guitars ML-3 BEA, Dan is playing a Fender Custom Shop 1963 Telecaster.

As always, all pedal and amp switching and routing is handled by TheGigRig G2.
For more on TheGigRig see

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