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Aynsley Lister Rig Progress & Four Awesome ’70s Stratocasters

Published 22 April 2022

Welcome to the show! Back in January 2021, our good friend Aynsley Lister came to visit in the hope of getting some inspiration on developing his live guitar tone a little bit. We made a video of the day which you can see here:
Later in 2021 Mick caught up with Ayns before a show in Newbury, UK to transfer the pedals you see in this video onto a board which he’s been using ever since.
Today, Mister Lister returns for an update and to fill us in on how he’s been getting on with the expanded rig. Lucky for us he also brought a quartet of super cool 1970s Strats – not at all the ‘dead sounding boat anchors’ that many people believe them to be. As we’ll hear, these things sound utterly stellar!

Couple of points of note:
Wet/dry? Yeah, we know. The ‘correct’ definition of wet/dry is where there are no wet effects in the dry side, and no dry signal in the wet effect side. Try not to get too twisted about it. We refer to wet/dry in a TPS kinda ‘dual mono’ sense, and if it helps, every time we say wet/dry, just imagine we’re saying ‘wetanddry/dryandreverb’ as that’s actually what it is. The diagram around 24:40 should clear up any confusion.

Does Ayns' board change at the end? Yep, Dan did a little tune up that we filmed… but the audio failed sadly so we couldn’t use it. All he did was sure up the power and patch cables to ‘tour ready’ standard, improve some of the velcro/pedalboard tape, and add an external tap tempo button for the delay.

Enjoy the video, and for more on Aynsley, hit

Pedals in this episode
• Alder & Ash The Tailor Pedalboard

• Sonic Research ST-200 Turbo Tuner

• T-Rex Octavius (not currently available new)

• T-Rex Alberta overdrive (not currently available new)

• Mad Professor Royal Blue Overdrive

• Free The Tone Final Booster (not currently available new)

• JHS Pink Panther Delay (now called the Lucky Cat)
UK & Europe:

• TheGigRig Bank Manager (used as external tap tempo)

• JAM Pedals Harmonious Monk
UK & Europe:
USA That Pedal Shop:

Guitars in this episode
• 1970 Fender Stratocaster, refinished Shoreline Gold by Dave Walsh at
• 1970 Fender Stratocaster Fiesta Red
• 1974 Fender Stratocaster Olympic White
• 1975 Fender Stratocaster Sunburst
• Patrick James Eggle Macon Single Cut

Amps in this episode
• Rift Amplification Aynsley Lister Signature amp:
• Fender Vibroverb reissue (no longer available new)

Interesting bits and go-to sections
0:00 Intro playing
1:10 Welcome and context for today
4:00 How did the new rig fare?
6:11 Guitar volume control is king
8:00 Two amps & the Rift sig story
11:30 How the two amps are set up
12:35 Core sounds: the Rift amp
13:48 Most important pedal?
15:58 And the Vibroverb amp?
18:45 Royal Blue OD to Vibroverb
21:30 Gain, delay and mush
23:11 Why the wet amp needs to be clean
24:40 Signal flow diagram
25:40 Delay sounds, dry and wetdry
28:40 And some harmonic trem
30:30 More overdrive: Alberta
32:20 Aynsley’s ’70s Strats
37:25 ’74 and block saddles
39:00 Heavy guitars?
40:30 ’74 Strat sounds
42:50 ’70 Strat sounds
45:40 Enhancing the rig?
46:45 ’75 Strat
50:45 New album coming
51:47 Singing
54:00 How were the lockdowns?
56:30 Coming back - gig fit?
57:10 Guitar setup
1:00:00 The fun of the gear carnet
1:04:50 Ayns plays us out

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