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Andy Wood At TPS [Playing Insights, Pedalboard Run-Through, Suhr Signature Guitar & Much More!]

Published 27 Oct 2023

The woodshedder extraordinaire wows us with playing, tone and insight!

Welcome to the show! We are delighted to welcome our dear chum Andy Wood to Schwangri-La. Andy is a Tennessee-based artist and session/tour guitarist/mandolin player who, in addition to his own solo career, has played with Locash, Scott Stapp and Rascal Flatts among others. He also has a Suhr signature model guitar and a couple of pedals to boot.
His mesmerising playing style is a constantly shifting amalgam of traditional Americana, country and full-bore technique rock: it’s quite the experience as we can attest!
We chat about all kinds of topics today - tone, technique, influences and all the good stuff you’d expect from an extended TPS show.

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That Pedal Shop

Andy’s website:

Andy on YouTube:

Andy’s amp setup today…
Andy runs a stereo rig from his pedals and the G3 switcher. All the pedals go into the front of amps, no effects loops.
Today, one side is a Two-Rock Classic Reverb Signature into a Mesa 212 cab with EVM12L speakers (bottom/closed speaker only).
The other side is a Two-Rock TS-1 combo with a TR1265B speaker.
We set the amps up to sound as similar as possible with plenty of headroom for all of Andy’s pedals to go straight into the front end.

Pedals & stuff in this video
• Suhr Woodshed Compressor
UK & Europe:

• GNI Octafuzz

• Keeley Super AT MOD
UK & Europe:

• Wampler Pantheon
UK & Europe:

• Wampler Gearbox
UK & Europe:

• Boss GE-7
UK & Europe:

• Strymon Mobius
UK & Europe:

• Strymon Timeline
UK & Europe:

• Strymon Blue Sky V1 - links to v2
UK & Europe:

• TheGigRig G3 Atom

Interesting bits and go to sections
0:00 Intro playing
1:21 Intro and hello
2:39 Meeting at NAMM and Elements of Sound
5:15 Andy's introduction to bluegrass & mandolin
7:40 The Brent Mason revelation
12:56 Andy’s love of different genres
15:30 Similarities between rock and country
20:18 Transferable techniques?
22:24 Flat picking & hybrid picking lesson
28:24 Andy’s tone journey
30:22 Delay on an expression pedal
32:57 Clean tone
34:20 Suhr Woodshed Compressor
37:29 Need for a versatile guitar
39:20 Producing your sound with compression
45:32 Strymon Blue Sky
46:50 Wampler Gearbox
55:37 Gag effects?
1:00:02 The signature Suhr guitar
1:06:04 Les Paul’s Telecaster pickup?
1:10:08 Andy’s new record ‘Charisma’
1:19:32 The Mighty Skankbanger…
1:21:42 Woodshed Event
1:27:52 Love of loud amps
1:30:17 Andy plays us out

Guitars in this episode
• Suhr Andy Wood Signature guitar with humbuckers
• Suhr Andy Wood Signature guitar with single coils

Amps in this episode
• Two Rock TS1 50w 1x12 combo with TR1265B speaker
• Two-Rock Classic Reverb Signature 100/50 into…
• Mesa/Boogie 212 vertical cab fitted with EVM12L speakers (bottom speaker only)

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