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Andy Martin Visits Dan & Mick: New Pedalboard & Plenty More! That Pedal Show

Published on Oct 26, 2018

It is our honour and great pleasure to welcome the venerable Andy Martin to the show! Andy was doing online pedal demos for way back when this was all metaphorical fields. Some 2,000 videos, in fact! When PGS was acquired by online trading site, Andy found he had a new employer and a bunch of new stuff to do.
We explore that a tiny bit, but of course focus on the more important stuff: what’s on his current pedalboard and what does it sound like? We also talk a little bit about Andy’s technique, his approach to demoing and plenty more besides.
Andy Martin is one of the good guys – a true talent, a gentleman and of course an absolute fount of useful playing and tone knowledge. We are, quite literally, not worthy.
But we did it anyway. Enjoy the video…

Andy also has a new YouTube channel of his own – please go there!

Pedals used in this video

• TC Electronic PolyTune - No longer made, link to latest version
UK & Europe:

• Benson Preamp

• Hamstead Odyssey Overdrive
UK & Europe:

• MI Audio Neo Fuzz Germanium
No longer made

• Empress Phaser
UK & Europe:

• Drybell Vibe Machine (V2 links below)

• Wattson Classic Electronics SuperFuzz
Best do a Google search – we didn’t come up with much

• DOD FX65 Stereo Chorus
No longer made

• TC Electronic Alter Ego V2 Delay

• Digitech Supernatural Reverb
No longer made

• Catalinbread Belle Epoch Deluxe
UK & Europe:

• TheGigRig G2

Why do we have preferred retailer links? Find out here:

Interesting bits and go-to sections…
- Intro: 00:00
- For anyone who doesn’t know… 1:48
- 2000 videos? 2:30
- Assembler at Fulltone: 4:15
- Andy’s pedalboard: 5:40
- And underneath? 7:40
- The 65 Amps Soho and the Deluxe Reverb story: 8:37
- Andy, Marshall and Orange: 9:25
- Today’s amps: 12:40
- TC Electronic Alter Ego V2: 14:40 (16:24)
- G&L ASAT Special? 17:45
- Alter Ego compared with the Catalinbread Belle Epoch Deluxe: 18:10
- …and with drive? 20:20
- Andy’s bonkers technique… no pick?!: 22:10
- The thumbnail as pick: 23:45
- The fast finger thing: 24:56
- Dynamics in picking technique: 26:01
- Andy’s backing tracks: 27:06
- How does he approach a pedal demo? 28:20
- …MI Neo Fuzz: 28:47
- Dad rock? 33:05
- Benson Preamp, and some thoughts on pedal platforms: 35:15 (38:02)
- Here’s my clean tone… 37:36
- Butters and the G&L, and a guitar tangent: 40:10
- Back to pedals: 42:55
- Hamstead Odyssey: 43:17
- DryBell Vibe Machine: 45:33 (45:55)
- …and the Benson, and Belle Epoch Deluxe: 46:39
- Empress Phaser: 48:30 & 51:55
- DOD FX65 Chorus: 52:26
- …and the Benson and Belle Epoch Deluxe: 54:10
- …and the Odyssey: 55:40
- Wattson Classic Effects Super Fuzz: 56:35 (57:45)
- What is Andy doing now? Reverb! 1:00:00
- Good and bad gear - is there such a thing? 1:02:30
- Boss MT-2 Metal Zone. With an ES-335. Yep. 1:04:35

Guitars in this episode:
• G&L Fullerton Deluxe ASAT Classic
• Fender Custom Shop 1952 Telecaster Relic – Dan’s video at
• Gibson Memphis 1958 ES-335

Amps in this episode
• Marshall 1987x with Marshall 1960AX cabinet / Celestion G12M Greeback speakers
UK & Europe:
USA That Pedal Shop:

• Supro Black Magick 112 combo
UK & Europe:

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