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Amazing Chord-Melody Guitar Playing & Tone With Tim Lerch

Published 19 May 2023

Utterly masterful playing and wisdom from our new mate, Tim!

Welcome to the show! Here's something a little bit special today…
Tim Lerch is a guitar player with a highly developed understanding of harmony and melody. Schooled in part by revered jazzer, Ted Greene, Tim has gone on to become a seasoned professional musician and educator.
Needless to say, we are delighted to welcome him to the show, where we discuss aspects of Tim’s development to date; theoretical and practical approach to chord-melody playing, and of course some discussion around sound and tone.

A few things are mentioned in the video, these are they…
• Tim’s website:
• YouTube:
• Tim at TrueFire:
• Chord dictionary:

Enjoy the show…
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Pedals & stuff in today’s episode
• JAM Pedals Harmonious Monk Mk2
UK & Europe:

Interesting bits & go-to sections
0:00 Intro playing
0:47 Welcome & introductions
2:32 Tim’s early years
6:26 Ever had a proper job?
7:54 Nerve damage?
10:32 Recognise & develop a melody
13:16 Becoming an educator
16:14 Philosophy on teaching
19:11 Balancing educating with playing
21:44 Learn, practice, play!
26:27 Melodic Jazz Guitar Chord Dictionary
29:59 Learning to play chord melodies
37:52 Tim’s introduction to jazz
40:41 Music in the absence of sound
43:27 Isolate the parts and orchestrate
46:25 Voice leading with basic chords
49:12 What’s each voice doing?
51:37 Understand YOUR musical vocabulary
54:46 What are the chords implying?
56:20 Learning with Ted Greene
1:08:05 Tim’s time on YouTube
1:16:36 Neck wiggling advocate!
1:18:36 Tim’s tone?
1:20:00 Tim’s right hand
1:24:17 Guitar setup
1:26:05 Draw the tone out
1:28:00 Length of the note
1:32:00 Silent trumpet?
1:33:56 Serving the song
1:35:52 Thank yous
1:37:38 Tim plays us out

Guitars in this video
• 1965 Fender Telecaster - Dan’s video here:
• Fender Custom Shop Nocaster with Lollar Charlie Christian neck pickup
Big thanks to Jon Green for the loan of the Nocaster.

Amps in this episode
Fender ’65 Princeton Reverb with Jensen C10R speaker
UK & Europe:

Fender ’65 Deluxe Reverb with Jensen C12-K speaker
UK & Europe:

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