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2 x Prince Of Tone Vs King Of Tone [+High Gain & Standard KOT Comparison]

Published 14 May 2021

One Analogman King Of Tone, or two Prince Of Tones? Let’s find out…

Life too short for long YouTube videos? Please see the ‘Interesting bits and go-to sections’ information below.

Welcome to the show! “Oh no!” we hear you cry. “Not another show on a pedal that is basically unobtainium?!” Well, kinda…
Analogman’s King Of Tone overdrive is worthy of its name. Revered by many, loved by us and with a waiting list that’s frankly bonkers, it absolutely deserves its reputation as one of the best overdrive pedals of all time. But what about the heir apparent; so say ‘half’ of a KOT and eminently more available: the Prince Of Tone?
In this video we compare two Prince Of Tones with the King Of Tone, and while we’re about it, we also compare the Standard KOT V4 with a High Gain option variant.
As you’ll see and hear, the results aren’t what expected at all!
We then ask how close two other OD pedals stacked could get to the KOT sound. Please note, this absolutely is not ‘Which pedals sound most like the KOT?', it’s what would we choose given two minutes’ notice. Ha!

Enjoy the show!

Gear in this episode…
• TheGigRig Three 2 One

• TC Electronic PolyTune Mini Noir
UK & Europe:

• Analogman KOT V4, Normal & High Gain versions

• Analogman Prince Of Tone

• Tsakalis AudioWorks Six

• Analogman Bad Bob Booster

• Mythos Spartan Series Olympus Overdrive

• J Rockett Animal OD
UK & Europe:

• Universal Audio Golden Age Reverberator
UK & Europe:

• TheGigRig G3

• Supro Black Magic 1x12 combo

• Tone King Imperial MkII
USA: Combo:
USA: Head:

• 2001 Fender Custom Shop 1963 Telecaster – Dan’s video –
• Gibson Custom True Historic 1957 Les Paul Custom Murphy Aged
• Gibson Memphis 1958 ES-335 – Mick’s video at
• Fender American Original ’60s Jaguar – No video yet
• Gretsch G5422TG with TV Jones T-Armond pickups – video at

Interesting bits and go-to sections
- Intro playing: 00:00
- What are we doing today?: 03:00
- Why two KOTs today?: 05:15
- KOT internal switches: 06:24
- KOT Normal & High Gain, Tele: 07:20
- …and with Les Paul: 10:05
- High Gain KOT OD vs POT OD: 12:11
- POT internal controls?: 14:30
- Standard KOT OD vs POT OD: 15: 45
- Two POTS sound the same?: 16:57
- KOT Boost vs POT Boost: 18:40
- Both sides KOT vs both sides POT, Tele: 21:12
- …and with ES-335: 22:45
- 2 POT on Boost?: 26:33
- How much gain on boost?!: 28:05
- KOT Dist mode vs POT Dist: 30:11
- Dan’s alternative, Tsakalis Six: 34:50
- …And Bad Bob Boost: 40:44
- Six & Bad Bob vs KOT: 43:48
- Mick’s random alternative, Mythos Olympus: 46:29
- …And J Rockett Animal: 48:50
- Mythos Olympus sounds: 49:17
- KOT OD vs Olympus: 50:50
- J Rockett Animal vs KOT Boost: 52:15
- Animal & Olympus vs KOT both sides: 53:13
- Post comparison thoughts: 56:00
- Dan’s Jaguar Schwang: 57:15
- Mick’s Gretsch schwang: 58:55
- A bit more on the Animal OD: 1:01:00

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