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Dave Weiner of the Steve Vai Band. Live Rig Special

Published on Jun 10, 2016

In this video, Dan talks with Dave Weiner, long-serving guitarist and right-hand man to the venerable Steve Vai.

We caught up with Dave during Vai's Passion and Warfare 25th Anniversary tour in Bristol, UK. Dave tells us a little about what it's like to play alongside the guitar legend, before showing us through his tour rig and PRS guitars: two seven strings – one based on the 513 platform and the other an ash body Custom 24 – and a six-string S2 Custom 24.

Dave's main amps are a Friedman BE100, supported with a Marshall JCM2000 DSL 100, running stereo, into Orange 4x12 cabinets. The Friedman is used in its entirety, but only the power section of the Marshall is used. The signal is controlled/split via TheGigRig G2, via the Eventide H9's feeding both effects returns in stereo. That goes...
Guitar, wah/drive effects/compresion, Friedman BE guitar input.
Friedman effects send, Eventide H9s, one return to Friedman effects return, other return to Marshall effects return.

Thank you so much to Dave for his time during a busy tour day, and the rest of the Vai crew for putting up with us getting in the way!

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