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TPS Our Guitars & Gear – Mick's Two Rock Classic Reverb Signature

Published on Jan 16, 2018

We often get asked about our personal guitars and amps that crop up on That Pedal Show, so this series/playlist seeks to answer some of the more common questions and provide a bit of background. Please note these aren’t demo videos as such. They’re just some context for the amps we use on the show.

In this video Mick talks about his Two-Rock Classic Reverb Signature. Mick got the amp part way through 2017 following a very long journey, much soul searching and a little bit of luck here and there!
It’a post-2016 model, after Two-Rock was acquired by new owners led by one Eli Lester, and also rehired original designer Bill Krinard.

You’ll see our amps crop up variously on the show. We mix it up depending on what we think works best for the job.
Enjoy the video…

For more on Two-Rock amps, please visit

The cabinet used in this video is the Two-Rock 2x12 with TR 1265B speaker.

Pedals used in this video:

• Analogman / Maxon TS9/808 mod with built-in Bad Bob Booster

• Keeley D&M Drive
UK & Europe:

• ProAnalog Devices Manticore Man Lion

• Free The Tone Tri-Avatar Chorus
UK & Europe:

• Analogman ARDX20 Delay & Amazeo

• Hamstead Soundworks Signature Tremolo
UK & Europe:

• Neo Instruments Mini Vent II

Guitars used in this video:
Fender American Vintage Stratocaster: watch Mick’s video at
Gibson Memphis 1958 ES-335: no video yet!
Collings 290 DC S: watch Mick’s video at

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