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That Pedal Show – Mid-Scooped & Mid-Pushed Amps: What Do We Mean? Plus: Amp-In-A-Box Pedals Tested

Published on Nov 24, 2017

In this episode we tackle a tricky subject – and indeed our preconceptions – in terms of two particular phrases we use a lot on That Pedal Show: ’mid-scooped’ and mid-pushed’ when it comes to guitar amplifiers.
For example, you may hear us describing the classic Fender sound as having ‘scooped mids’, or the Marshall sound as having ‘pushed mids’. They are terms that have become accepted wisdom… but what do we actually mean?
We demonstrate some key guitar freqeuncies with the help of a graphic equalizer, before moving on to comparisons between a Marshall 1987x (50-watt Plexi), a Vox AC30 and a Fender Super Reverb. As we discover, with the amps in their clean states the differences are nowhere near as pronounced as they are under overdrive from pedals.
The last section of the video concerns ‘amp-in-a-box’ style pedals vis a vis changing the basic character of one amp to sound like another. Can it be done?
Enjoy the video…

Pedals in this episode…

• TheGigRig Three2One

• D’Addario Pedal Tuner
UK & Europe:

• MXR 10-Band EQ

• Analogman Bad Bob Booster

• Ibanez TS9 Tube Screamer
UK & Europe:

• Fulltone OCD
UK & Europe:

• Catalinbread Dirty Little Secret
UK & Europe:

• Wampler Thirty Something
UK & Europe:

• Empress Echo System
UK & Europe:

• Neunaber Immerse
UK & Europe:

• TheGigRig G2

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Interesting bits and go-to sections…
- Introduction: 00:00
- Today’s amps: 2:10
- What are we doing today? 3:20
- A brief and very sketchy history of Fender amps: 4:15
- Today’s questions: 8:55
- Comparing the basic sounds of the three amps: 9:25
- Key frequencies for guitar demonstrated with a graphic EQ pedal: 16:58
- Can we make the Marshall sound like the Fender just using the EQ? 21:30
- Let’s add some overdrive…: 23:15
- Analogman Bad Bob Booster through the three amps: 25:05
- Ibanez TS9 through all three amps: 26:10
- Fulltone OCD through all three amps: 31:40
- Biffy Clyro? 32:32
- 2-4KHz and overdrive: 36:46
- Amp-in-a-box-pedals: 40:20
- Make the Fender sound like the Marshall using the Catalinbread DLS? 42:45
- Make the Fender sound like the Vox using the Wampler Thirty - Something? 48:10
- What have we learned today? 57:10

Amps in this episode
• Marshall 1987x (50-watt Plexi reissue) through 2061x cab (Celestion G12H Anniversary speakers)
USA That Pedal Shop:

• 1961 Vox AC30 through 2 x 12-inch Celestion Blue speakers

• Fender Super Reverb (reissue) with 4 x 10-inch Jensen P10R speakers

Guitars in this episode
• Fender American Vintage Stratocaster: watch Mick’s video at
• Fender Custom Shop 1963 Telecaster: watch Dan’s video at
• Duesenberg Bonneville:

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